Warrior Cat Love Story #4 =^_^=

I've made MANY warrior cat love story quizzes, but this quiz isn't like the others, it might as well be the 2nd to last warrior cat quiz that i'm making.

Do YOU want to find out who your tom is? Is it the same one as last time? Or will your interests go to another NEW tom? Thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes, you can find out! Or be casual...thats cool too...

Created by: Leopardpelt18

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  1. We're skipping two moons ahead! Ok here we go! You awake with Poppyfur and Stormclaw talking softly to each other. They sounded happy. Your sigh with relief. It seems like the four toms have been fighting over you for seasons. It's only been two moons, but it's beginning to be too much. Luckily Stormclaw and Poppyfur were friends, and were only talking about battle tragedies. "Oh! (Your name)! Did we wake you up?" He helped you to your feet. "No. I just woke up on my own." You reassured him. "Good." Stormclaw purred. The two toms suddenly glared at each other. You think, Another day with the toms...you think;
  2. You quickly pad out of the den to avoid the argument, but it already started. You could never understand what they were saying because they would talk too fast. Suddenly Bouncetail, a senior warrior with a very sharp and quick temper, woke up. "Uh oh.." You murmur under your breathe. You get ready for a yowl of anger coming from Bouncetail. Bouncetail used to be an excitable cat when he was younger, but he's getting ready to be an elder now. "Will you two mouse-brains be quiet!?!??!?!?" He screeched. The argument suddenly stopped and both toms bounded out of the warriors den. You say;
  3. The two toms sigh. Poppyfur walks over to you and sits down. Stormclaw growls. Poppyfur ignores him. "Would you want to- Poppyfur was cut off by Flamewhisker. "Hi (your name)!" He said cheerfully. It looked like he groomed himself for you. Then Petalshade came over, she was a beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with maple like eyes. "What's going on?" She asked and looked at all the toms. Then she laughed a little. "Want to go by the lake?" Flamewhisker asked. Then Hawkfeather zoomed over. "Would you want to take a walk in the forest with me?" Hawkfeather purred. "Do you want to go to the meadow again?" Stormclaw said. "Would you like to go by the sloping hills to watch the sun glide across the sky?" Poppyfur asked. You say;
  4. (Only answer this is you chose Flamewhisker) Flamewhisker sat down by the lake with you. A nice calm breeze ruffled your fur. "I'm glad you came." He purred and entwined his tail with yours, you;
  5. (Only answer this if you chose Stormclaw) Stormclaw settled down in the clearing you and him sat down in before. He licked you between your ears and purred; "(Your name), I'm glad you chose to come here with me..." He pressed his flank to yours. You;
  6. (Only answer this if you chose Hawkfeather) You padded close to Hawkfeather through the calming forest. He suddenly stopped and turned to you. "I'm sorry (Your name). I had a crush on Flowerpelt for a while. But i realize now. The only she-cat i really want, is you (Your name)." He purred. You;
  7. (Only answer this one if you love Pinestrike) You padded through the forest and close to the RippleClan border to see Pinestrike there waiting for you. He purred and padded to you. You purr. "There's something i wanted to tell you." He said. "I'm half DawnClan." He said softly. Your ears shot up. "I will join your Clan if i have to. My father, Bouncetail is there. And my mother died in RippleClan. I have no family there." He meowed and pressed his nose to yours. You say;
  8. (Only answer if you chose Poppyfur) You and Poppyfur watched the sun slide down and sink into the hill tops. He turned to you and purred; "(your name), i loved you since you were ten moons old, i want to be with you always." He purred. You say;
  9. (Only answer this if you needed space) "Ah...what a relaxing afternoon! No toms! Isn't it great Flowerpelt?" "Mhm...i'm glad the toms aren't around..." You say;
  10. (Only answer this if you were out with one of the toms) The next two weeks you've been feeling weird. Especially your stomach. So you go to Leafwhisker, the medicine cat, he's a dusky brown tabby tom. "Leafwhisker?" You call. "Yes, (Your name)?" He asnwers."My stomach has been feeling off..." You say. "Has it? Let me check something..." He sounded like he knew what it was. "Come on down." He meowed. You padded in the den, you saw Leafwhisker was sitting down the the middle of the medicine den. He put his paws on your tummy and felt around. "Just as i thought." He said. "Your expecting three kits." He meowed. "WHAT!?!" You shout. You were overloaded with joy, but also fear. "Mhm. Who is there father?" Leafwhisker asked. You say;
  11. (Only answer this if you didn't see the toms) "I wonder what could have happened if i'd gone with the toms..." You meow. "Probably nothing." Flowerpelt replies. "Yeah. Your probably right." You lay your head back down. You;
  12. You go out and tell your mate, he very excited and tells you, It's the end of the quiz!!! I think i'll make a 5th one. Yep! I will! It will look like this! Warrior Cat Love Story #5 =^_^= Cat face included!

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