Warrior cat love story #2 =^_^=

There are so many Warrior cat quizzes but few Warrior cat love story QUIZZES! It is quite hard to make one. You have to think of characters and plan your quiz. But it is worth the hard work!

Do YOU already have a tom in mind? Is he good? Is he bad? Take this quiz and see if these toms interest you as much as the one you've already had in mind! In just a few minutes you will find out who your tom is!!

Created by: Leopardpelt18

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  1. We're skipping a few moons ahead!
  2. It's after your warrior ceremony! The Clan cheers your names! (Your name!) Flamewhisker! Stormclaw! Hawkfeather! You think;
  3. Flamewhisker pads over to you. "(Your name)! Isn't this great? We're all warriors! I also..really like your name...it's pretty..!" He shuffled his paws with embarrassment.
  4. Suddenly the whole groups came over. "Wow! Your name is so pretty!" Hawkfeather purred. "Yeah! I love it!" Stormclaw purred also. Then Hawkfeather glared at him. Stormclaw shot back at him with a cold stare. Flamewhisker narrowed his eyes at them both. You think;
  5. Soon your parents, mentors, and warrior friends came to congratulate you and your friends. After all that, you and the other new warriors sit vigil by the thorn tunnel. Stormclaw was standing next to you and looked at you with warm glowing eyes.
  6. After hours of guarding, you see the sun coming up from behind the trees. You all sigh and take a long nap before Amberstar's announcement. Hawkfeather gently paws you awake. He looked like he just woke up also. "It's time to wake up! Amberstar has an announcement!" He nuzzled you gently. You wake up and think;
  7. You come out to see Amberstar on the high rock looking down at his fellow warriors. "I've come to announce, it's the gathering tonight!!" He yowled. Murmurs of excitement rose from the crowd. "I'll be taking, (Your name) Flamewhisker, Stormclaw, Hawkfeather, Flowerpelt, Ripplesplash, Leafstorm, Flameblaze, and Ivyheart! Amberstar decided. You think;
  8. As you padded to the gathering, Flamewhisker speeded his pace so he could walk with you. He looked a little shy. Soon you got to the gathering. It was filled with cats. But only two leaders up on the high rock. Hollystar, and Russetstar. Russetstar is leader of ShadeClan and Hollystar is leader of RippleClan. "You look very pretty tonight." Flamewhisker purred. You say;
  9. You sit by some young warriors from RippleClan. You see a light golden brown tom looking at you with warm dark green eyes. He suddenly pads over. You tense but feel calm at the same time. "Hello there." He meows calmly. "Hi." You meow back a little uncomfortable. "Would you like to sit with me?" He asked. "Um...sure..." You say. You see Flamewhisker look worried. You slowly pad away.
  10. You sit by Pinestrike. You see he turns and smiles to you a lot. Your starting to feel comfortable around him now. He turned to you again. "I've seen you on patrols. Your very um...pretty!" He says and shuffles his paws.
  11. Soon BreezeClan finally comes and the gathering begins. Amberstar goes first, then went Hollystar, then Russetstar, and finally Cloverstar of BreezeClan. When the gathering ended, Pinestrike said goodbye to you, and left to go to his own Clan. You pad away and bump into a gray figure. It was Stormclaw. "Are you ok?!" He asks almost immediately. You say;
  12. When you got back to camp...It was the end of the quiz!! The third quiz will be...Warrior cat love story #3 =^_^= Again, the cat face is included! =P

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