The life of your warrior cat (Quiz 1)

There are many warrior cats fans out there, on And many people that love to read! In my first "Story quiz" this combines both of them. It puts you in your own warrior cat story, full of adventures, surprises, and cliffhangers!

These quizzes, (The life of your warrior cat) will be kind of like a series. I use other warrior cat story/series that other people make for inspiration. Make sure to check out part 2 after this! (If it's out when you're reading this) Have fun!

Created by: CupcakesRuler
  1. You finally came out of the darkness and stare up at all your surroundings. "That's the fastest a kit has opened his/her eyes in a while." You hear a voice say. What are you thinking about first?
  2. You decide that you're still sleepy and fall asleep to take a nap. (3 moons later- after you learn to talk and everything) You fine yourself passing around camp with your sister, Mistykit. "When do you think we'll be apprentices soon?" She asked. "I hope so!" You chirp exitedly. And continue your walk around camp.
  3. "You know what.. let's go OUT of camp. I want to look around!" Mistykit says to you. "I don't know about that... you say to her. "Come on! It'll be fun!" And then she leads you onto a grassy pathway. Then, you are waklking on the side of a deep river. 'I bet this is the border to Shellclan." You tell Mistykit. You slip, and the next thing you know, everything goes black.
  4. The next thing you know, you wake up in the medicine cat den, and see Bloomwing looking over you. "Kits..." you hear her mumble. She makes both of you eat foul-smelling herbs, and then Roseblossom (your mom) says, "Why were you kits out of camp!? You had me worried sick! And you do nothing but get yourselves into trouble!" It was Mistykit's idea" you tell her. "I don't care who's idea it is! You're not leaving the sight of me or a warrior for the next moon.
  5. The next morning when you wake up, you are in the nursery again. Spikeflower (the deputy) explains what happened and that you and Mistykit weren't badly hurt. "And on the bright side..." She says. "We think you're now ready for fresh-kill! You and Mistykit are very exited. What do you want to taste first?
  6. Roseblossom only lets you and Mistykit taste mouse. As your teeth dig into it, you think, "Wow, I could get used to this!" That night, you notice there is a full moon and you hear Robinstar announce that there will be a gathering. "I wish I could go" You hear Mistykit boasting. You can dream, Mistykit. Dream... This makes her really mad and she marches away, but you don't care. You sit outside and stare at all the stars.
  7. You fell asleep pretty late last night, and when you wake up you see Mistykit playing with a moss-ball. Then you see Blackstream, a nursing queen watching her. She mumbles something you don't hear, then pads away. 'What's her problem?" You think. Then go play with Mistykit.
  8. The NEXT morning, you wake up on the far side of the nursery. Someone moved your nests away from Blackstream! You walk over to her, and see her crying with 3 tiny shapes around her. Before you can get any closer, "GO AWAY!' She snaps. Then you go ask ClawStripe what happened. "Something went wrong with her kitting.. 2 of the 3 kits died! The surviving one is named Tigerkit, for his strength." "That's so sad.. you tell him." Then walk away.
  9. A few days later, you finally get the chance to play with Tigerkit. He IS strong. (He bit you a few times) and cries when ever you beat him at a game. "He's no fun." You think. As you start to walk away, heading for Mistykit. Tigerkit jumps on you, and bited HARD on your tail.
  10. Haha- I left you with a cliffhanger. Who's your favorite character so far? (Besides yourself)

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Quiz topic: The life of my warrior cat (Quiz 1)