Warrior cat clan and name quiz

Who are the warrior cats? Wild cats who live in the together in clans of traits and talents! They live and hunt creating customs and living as one below Starclan!

What clan are you in? What is your warrior name? How will you respond to living in the wild and how do you carry your traits to the end of your warrior life? Find out in this quiz! c:

Created by: Mia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color are you?
  2. What clan are you in?
  3. What position do you want to be?
  4. Rp Questions! You are exploring as a kit, only on the camp though. Where do you explore?
  5. You see a cute kit, just one moon older than you! What do you say?
  6. You see apprentices training in hunting!
  7. You are finally an apprentice! You are named... ?
  8. You and Leafpaw (that cute kit) are selected to go to a gathering.
  9. When you wake up the next morning after that gathering there are screeches of rage! What are your first thoughts?
  10. You are know a warrior! What sufix do you want?
  11. You are attacked during your vigil. A ( )clan pins you to the ground his teeth flashing. You roll over and he falls next to you. You feel his hot breath on your neck. An enemy from ( )clan says she can save you!
  12. If you chose "No get away" answer this. If you chose yes thank you click I chose yes thank you. She stalks away. The enemy cat grabs your scruff and hauls you away! what do you do to escape?
  13. If you chose "No get away" click I chose "No get away. If you answered yes thank you she hauls her clan mate away.
  14. You have three kits and two are toms one is a she-cat. What are their names?
  15. You love a cat from another clan and your friend knows about it. They have a secret that they have told you. The leader thinks you know and they say if you tell the leader than they will tell them that you love a cat from another clan.
  16. Are you a tom or she-cat?
  17. I will ask it again to ensure you get someone of your own gender!
  18. Are you a she-cat or tom

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