what warrior cat clan are you in?

every clan is unique and has their own tactics, I'm in RiverClan and am proud of it, you should be proud of whatever clan you are in! be a loyal cat and warrior.

Some clans, you may not like, if you got that clan, look at the great things about it, for example: ThunderClan: loyal, great climbers WindClan: fast, kind and grateful ShadowClan: sneaky, good at hiding, cunning RiverClan: Sleek, can swim, powerful muscles

Created by: tsunami

  1. a fox is threatening to kill your family! what do you do?
  2. what talents do you have?
  3. what position would you take in your clan?
  4. who is your favorite?
  5. are you a hunter or fighter?
  6. where would you like to live?
  7. what food do you prefer?
  8. how many lives would you want if you where a clan leader near your old age?
  9. which clan is your favorite?
  10. if you where outside the warrior code, what would you be?

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat clan am I in?