What Warrior Clan Are You?

Calling Warriors fans! What clan are you in? Shadow, Thunder, River, or Wind? If you like this quiz, take the "What Is Your Warrior Name?" quiz if you haven't.

This quiz starts you as a kit, and you grow into a leader. Choose one of four answers in each question to decide your clan. Just FYI, kittypets, loners, and rouges aren't a result. Sorry!

Created by: Sandpelt09

  1. You're a kit, and you are about to play. What do you do?
  2. You became an apprentice, and your mentor tells you to catch some prey. What do you do?
  3. Your warrior ceremony! After vigil, you are sent on patrol and see enemy clan cats trespassing! What do you do?
  4. You became the new deputy! There is a cat who is telling everything that happens in your clan to an enemy clan, but the kits and med have caught greencough! DO SOMETHING!
  5. The leader has died. You became leader! Four apprentices, Riverpaw, the swimmer, Thunderpaw, the climber, Breezepaw, the runner, and Darkpaw, the ambitous fighter, need to become warriors. Choose one for now!
  6. You have lost a life from...
  7. Oh no... you're on your last life! If you could choose, would you spend it with your mate and kits doing....
  8. You have joined StarClan. Your deputy, (Whichever apprentice you chose to be a warrior), is a good leader. But, they have a quirk different from everyone.
  9. You find many places to enjoy yourself. Where do you go? the stream, the trees, the field, or do you sit down and gossip?
  10. Moons, moons later, the quirky leader has died. They were your fave, but they were cruel. Do you place them in StarClan or Dark Forest?

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