a she-cat love story (part 2)

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(The cat in the photo is your character btw) Hello, just a recap if you took the first quiz and you remember just get straight into the quiz if you haven’t taken the first one, please do! Otherwise it could get confusing.

So your cat is named Echoflight, you just got cat-napped by shadow clan (your in river clan) because their leader (Nightstar) scented river clan and prey on the shadow clan Side of the border. You had sunfire, dawn foot, and shadowwhisker as original love interests, and I’ll be adding more, cuz yes ;)

Created by: Silvershade
  1. Have you don’t my first quiz?
  2. So we were in shadow clan and were listening to Night star last right?
  3. After the meeting shadewhisker leads you to where you’ll be staying. Your kept behind a tightly woven bramble screen (with no roof) there is a small nook in the back with A low roof and a moss nest. “I hope you find your stay comfortable.” Shadewhisker said smiling and sitting outside the entrance. Your thinking…
  4. The next morning you wake up and shake the dew out of your fur. Shadewhisker is still guarding you, you also see that he’s talking to some kits. “Please can we see the river clan cat? Spindletail said we could.” Pleaded on of the kits, Shadewhisker purred “ok, but only a little while.” He looked back at you, “you have some visitors,” 4 kits come into your bramble enclosure. One is sandy colored she-cat, one was a grey and white marbled she-cat, one was a light brown tabby tom, and one was a speckled dark brown tom. Your first thoughts are….
  5. “Hello” says the sand-colored one “My name is sandkit, that’s flowerkit, Juniperkit, and gorsekit,” “h-hi” stammered the brown tabby (juniperkit) you cross your paws neatly and lift your head. “I’m Echoflight” you tell them (so ima do a time skip but you and the kits get along they come over to play with you every day, k)
  6. (Time skip, you’v been in sc camp for a quarter moon) you crouch and try to keep as much of your self out of the rain. It had been raining for three days. You could picture what was happening back at river clan’s camp, the river swelling and every one going to the flood-space to keep dry. Your paws feel wet, you look down curiously and gasp, as there is a whisker’s length of water on the ground. You rush out into the rain and peek through the bramble screen, the rest of the camp was flooded to at least 3 mouse lengths. Hearing a splash you look over and see Shadewhisker carefully wadding towards you, it would seem the tight bramble walls kept out most of the water. He tears at the bramble and makes a big enough opening for you to get out. You grab him by the scruff when you were half way to the exit because he was falling behind. Only when you got out and dropped him on the forest floor did you hear the desperate wails of Spindletail and the tiny mews coming from the nursery.
  7. Spindletail looks at you with round pleading eyes, “Please save my kits, I’ll do anything, just please SAVE them!!!” You nod and jump back into the water. You relish the feel of water lapping at your fur and pulling at your limbs. Soon you reach the nursery, diving under the surface you pull at the nursery wall you grab the kit you see most struggling, the little grey and white she-cat, Flower kit, and pull her to the edge where, to your surprise, Nightstar grabs her from you and takes her back to shore, you save the rest of the kits but what surprises you more, the kits are natural in the water, like they were born in it. When you shake the water off your fur Nightstar thanks you and allows you to go to the next gathering as a thank you for saving the kits. In response you…
  8. (At the gathering) you slink away from shadow clan and find where river clan is, Sunfire see’s you first and rushes over, “Echoflight, we thought shadow clan- I’m glad your back.” Dawn foot comes up next and glares at Sunfire ‘what’s that about’ you wonder. Dawnfoot touches noses with you and licks you muzzle. “We were so worried Echoflight, I was so worried.” Feathersong pushes the toms away and twines her tail with yours “those toms are SO mooning over you.” She whispered in your ear, you respond to..
  9. The gathering starts and you look up at the leaders. Thunder clans leader steps forward, “Sadly, Blinkstar lost her life protecting a kit from a snake and I have taken his place, star clan has given me my nine lives and the name ‘Lionstar’ and I have chosen Redeye as my deputy, other than that prey is running well.” He stepped back as the cats dipped their head in respect. Wind clan went next but had nothing interesting to report. River clan was next oakstar stepped up, “Prey is swimming well thanks to the flood, and we are all well,” he glared at Nightstar “But, as scented on our border, a shadow clan cat has attacked one of our warriors and cat-napped them, What do you have to say to that Nightstar?” Oakstar’s voice was dangerously calm “I will not deny what I have done, but what do you have to say for trespassing and prey stealing?” Nightstar countered “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE RIVER CLAN OF SUCH DEEDS!” Oakstar yowled “wait.” Foxwing stepped up I have something to say…” “So do I” said Spindletail standing up at Foxwing’s side.
  10. “It- was me.” Foxwing said lowering his head “and me” said Spindletail, “Nightstar have you ever wondered who the father to my kits was?” She asked twining her tail with Foxwing’s. A gasp went through the clearing. “I was showing him how to catch land prey…” Nightstar and Oakstar looked at each other, making a silent agreement and looking back at the two cats below them. “Thank you for taking responsibility for what you did.” He said slowly. “And river clan will be going home with another warrior, but not all of them, shadow clan will also lose a warrior tonight, you two are exiled.” Oakstar nodded “If you are seen on clan territory again you will be treated as rouges, I’m sorry.”
  11. (The next day) your walking around the thunder clan border it have some alone time. Your nose twitches and you smell two leg sent. Soon you come over to see a strange contraption (a fox trap like what they first find when they move to the lake) carefully you walk around it, but your leg slips and one of your back legs is caught, you yowl in pain. There was lots of blood and you were beginning to feel dizzy and you black out
  12. You wake up in a strange place with three other cats looking down at you. One of which was the new thunder clan deputy Redeye. The other two were frostflake the thunder clan medicine cat, and the last one was a brown tom. Hawk, the rouge that the clan had recently taken in
  13. (Another time skip, so your back at river clan, you stayed in thunder clan until your leg healed and Redeye and Hawk were really nice to u)
  14. You are so glad to finally be back in river clan. And you are laying in your bed of moss and twigs. Before you can fall asleep you faintly smell…….
  15. (Another) CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:3 I hope u enjoyed my quiz and keep an eye out for part 3

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