The Life of a Warrior Cat Part 6

Hello and welcome back! It's a full moon - Gathering time! Frostcrystal is excited to be attending her first Gathering as a fully-fledged warrior! Join her at the Gathering!

Frostcrystal and Lionstrike seem to be getting closer... But Frostcrystal knows that she must focus on serving her Clan the best she can, and she also knows that she can do that by having kits, too...

Created by: Lilystem
  1. "WaterClan is prospering because we have five new warriors: Lionstrike, Emberflower, Honeyleaf, Ashsnow and Frostcrystal, and four new apprentices: Reedpaw, Stormpaw, Lilypaw and Berrypaw!" Volestar yowls. The other Clans chant the names into the sky, and you press against Ashsnow, proud and embarrassed at the same time.
  2. The other Clan leaders give their reports, and then it is time to leave. Lionstrike runs alongside you. "Hey Frostcrystal, do you want to come hunting with me again tomorrow?" he purrs. "I really like your company,""I'd love to!" you purr back. He presses himself against your flank and purrs.
  3. Since you aren't on the dawn patrol the next morning, you can sleep in a little longer. Lionstrike is already awake by the time you climb out of your warm nest, grooming his fur. "Morning, Frostcrystal! How are you today?" he asks."I'm great, thanks!" you respond, then sit down next to him and start washing your tail. Suddenly, you feel him lean over and start grooming your ears for you.
  4. You walk through the forest with Lionstrike at your side. A mouse darts into a bunch of grass and he vanishes into the greenery after it. The golden tom emerges with the mouse clamped in his jaws. "Well done!" you purr, then spy a finch under a tree. You place one delicate paw at a time down on the soft grass as you creep stealthily closer to the miniature bird. It spots you and squawks, but you are too quick and, like a lightning bolt, hook your claws into and swiftly deliver a killing bite.
  5. "Wow, Frostcrystal! Your hunting skills astound me everyday! You're a brilliant hunter!" Lionstrike exclaims, burying his mouse to collect later. "Shall we try for a fish now?""Absolutely!" you meow, hurriedly burying your finch and streaking off towards the river. "Hey, wait for me!" Lionstrike calls, bounding after you.
  6. You plunge your snowy white paw into the river and draw out a long, thin fish. Lionstrike finally catches up to you from the depths of the forest and dives into the river headfirst, soaking you with water. He pushes his way back up to the surface of the water and meows to you. "Come on, what are you waiting for? An invitation from Volestar?" you narrow your eyes playfully and leap into the cool, clear water, splashing even more water than Lionstrike.
  7. Lionstrike paddles over to you and flicks his tail, making the cold river water flick all over you. You turn and kick off strongly into the river, swimming towards the bottom. A large, overweight fish stares at you from the bottom of the river so you grasp it in your teeth, then paddle back up to the surface.
  8. The golden tom is waiting on the bank of the river, nibbling thoughtfully on one of his front claws. His fur is fluffed up from the water and his whiskers are dripping wet. You burst from the depths of the river and heave yourself back onto dry land. Lionstrike uses his tail to dry the water droplets from your green eyes and presses his body to yours in an attempt to dry off some of the dripping water. "Did you enjoy that, Frostcrystal?" he asks, flicking a water droplet from his ear. You nod, then drop the fat, silvery fish you caught on the grass. "Let's go back to camp, laden with our prey!" you meow, then lift the fish by its tail and tuck the thin fish under your chin.
  9. After the finch and the mouse have been collected, you stumble into camp with your load of prey. Ashsnow and Emberflower are sharing tongues by the fresh-kill pile, and they both climb to their paws as you and Lionstrike approach. They prey tumbles out from your jaws as you drop your catches on the pile. "Wow, great hunting, you two!" Emberflower purrs, her green eyes lighting up as she spied the finch. "I'll take that mouse to the elders, they'll certainly appreciate it!" the ginger she-cat picks Lionstrike's mouse up by the tail and trots off towards the elders' den.
  10. Lionstrike shuffles through the prey pile and selects a large fish with silvery scales. "Do you want to share this with me?" he asks, prodding the fish."Yes please, I'm starving!" you meow. Lionstrike purrs and walks over to a sheltered clump of grass and drops the fish. "There we go. A nice fresh fish!" he meows, then drops down beside it.

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