what magic the gathering character are you?

if you have heard of magic the gathering, see which character you are! they include the Gatewatch as well! if you are a fan, please do see which character fits you the best!

does power seek you? vengeance? do you want to see how souls taste like? find out when you take the quiz. you can rate it at the end and pls do. thank you, and enjoy the quiz! you can take it again to see more results.

Created by: Clairefoxlover

  1. which word describes you best?
  2. "I will fight fo my home, even at the cost of my life."
  3. choose an element.
  4. if you were going into battle, what weapon would you use?
  5. where would you want to live?
  6. pick one, dragon or basilisk? (a basilisk is a giant snake)!
  7. what is your fav sport?
  8. pick one card type.
  9. which are you least like?
  10. pick a number between 1-6

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Quiz topic: What magic the gathering character am I?