Magic the gathering (password same as name)

Do you Like Magic the Gathering Are You a pro card player well this is the quiz for you with many magic the gathering question from blocks of cards sets from original ravnica to amonkhet .

So are you a pro at magic the gathering lets find out . I would rather you not cheat and search up the awnser on the internet or that would be unfair .

Created by: Magic the gathering
  1. Do you like to come all over cats?
  2. What Creature sucks the most cock?
  3. Sex?
  4. Which one of these plansewalkers are part of the gate watch
  5. Hard Question . How many cards did Shadows Over Innistrad Have in it
  6. Witch One of these cards is a 0/1 creature that has Tap add colourless to your mana pool . From oath of the gate watch
  7. Witch one of these plans walkers is probley the worst one of all time
  8. What Is the Main Creature Type For Black Mana
  9. What Plain Was Invaded By Eldrazi Twice once in 2010 and once in 2015 and 2016
  10. Final Question What Does the mechanic Indestructible Do ? Something with Indestructible

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