Magic the Gathering Colour Psychology

There are a multitude of MTG colour tests on the web. But I was tired of such obvious and not really helpful questions, like "How do you kill your enemies? Animals? You must be green!"

As such, I have made my own hopefully more reasonable test of personality for the magic the gathering colours. I hope that you find it interesting and helpful.

Created by: 7harmon
  1. You and your friends are having a diet challenge, and whoever can last the longest without eating unhealthy wins $40! However, you really want one of your favorite treats, and no one is around to know. Do you:
  2. The meaning of life is:
  3. The most important aspect of your job is that it is:
  4. My attitude towards material goods is:
  5. What annoys me about other people the most is:
  6. I often think about:
  7. If I ruled a country, my policies would focus on:
  8. Someone I would consider an inspiration and admire:
  9. You are working at a job you are not very fond of. You make a mistake with a customer, and your coworker finds out and calls you on it. Your boss says you will be let go if you don't try harder. You:
  10. Which saying is the most true?

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