MTG 4-Color Quiz

Welcome to a new and interesting quiz related to the card game of Magic the Gathering. This quiz reflects a series of colors that is often ignored or shamed in the game due to its complexity and advanced level of skill required to play it.

As the author of this quiz, I myself am an avid 4-Color player. An ugly duckling, if you will, to a growing game and community still left in the dark of its Alpha days from the game. Everyone has a personality that always reflects at least four colors of Magic, which ones are yours?

Created by: Carum Sarene

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite Color/Shade?
  2. Ideal Vacation Spot?
  3. People would describe me as?
  4. When I'm angry I...?
  5. Best time of the year?
  6. Closest Career Choice?
  7. My friends consist mostly of...?
  8. You are sentenced to death, how do you react?
  9. Favorite Fantasy Class?
  10. Which original planeswalker do you feel reflects you the most?

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