The Magic the gathering quizz

there are many magic the gathering nerds but are you a magic the gathering nerd/ find out here on, THE Magic the gathering test. please take the test for fun.

NOW take the test or loose to my strong knowledge of magic the gathering. by the way please continue and ignore the test paragraphs please thank you a lot

Created by: Justinwantsagf

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  1. What is a red land for?
  2. What is Chandra?
  3. How old is magic?
  4. How many cards minimum are in a deck?
  5. Are there zombies in MTG?
  6. How much life do you have?
  7. How many cards of the same kind can you have?
  8. How do you like the test?
  9. How are you?
  10. Are you happy the quiz is over

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