What Warrior Cat Clan Are You In?

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Have you ever wanted to know what Clan you'd be in? Well, let's see! Are you in the brave and proud ThunderClan, speedy and loyal WindClan, long-haired laid-back RiverClan, or the wily and battle hungry ShadowClan?

Do you like the forest? Well, think about heading to ThunderClan. Do you like wide open places? Compare yourself to WindClan. What about rivers, lakes and creeks? Consider joining RiverClan. Dark, gloomy, marshy places? ShadowClan sounds like it would suit you. Thanks to this quiz, you can find out where your heart lies!

Created by: Avery
  1. This is a role-play question: An enemy patrol is seen inside your borders- stealing your prey! And it's winter, to make it worse. You...
  2. Here's another RP question: You see a kit in danger across another Clan's borders, but they aren't bothering to help! You...
  3. Okay, last role-play, pretty basic: You're in love with another cat from a different Clan! He/she asked to meet with you secretly! You...
  4. Okay, what pelt color would you prefer?
  5. Okay, now some questions about your daily life. When you wake up on a Saturday, you...
  6. Outside or in?
  7. What cat, out of these, is your favorite?
  8. Which book series is your favorite, out of these?
  9. Okay, now back to your warrior cat life. (-You're a med. cat for this question-) Where do you look for cobwebs if you ran out?
  10. You're in the midst of a battle, and your friend, mate, and leader are all in a bad situation. Who do you help first?
  11. Okay, now you're an apprentice. Who do you want to be your mentor?
  12. Okay, now you're training. What main quality do you have?
  13. (Sorry this quiz is so long) Now you're getting your warrior name! What shall it be?
  14. Okay, so what's your best skill?
  15. Okay, so now you've been appointed deputy! Congrats! The first patrol you lead it meant to:
  16. So your leader lost his/her last life... he/she had a tragic death... what life do you receive at your ceremony?
  17. Your deputy died... you must choose a new one. You choose someone who has a main quality of...
  18. You're dying... the last words you say to your Clan are...
  19. You stand before StarClan... you feel...
  20. Thanks for taking my quiz! Did you like it? (This doesn't affect your answer)

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Quiz topic: What Warrior Cat Clan am I In?