How will your clan respect you? (warrior cats)

How will your clan judge you? This quiz will tell you how. Now, there are many ways to describe someone, but only one word can say it all. Well, mabey a sentence.

Will you be the most popular cat in your clan? Or will you be the most hated? Well... I've come up with every question my brain could come up with with. And every answer.

Created by: B Pritchard

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  1. You find two patrol groups fighting over witch clan you should be in, what do you do?
  2. Another clan acusis your leader of letting your patrol groups hunt in their territory. Do you stand up, or stay down?
  3. You take prey from your territory and give it to another clan. What do you say to you leader?
  4. The leader of your clan was killed, and they had no deputy. What do you do?
  5. You fall in love with someone in another clan.What do you do?
  6. Will you plz answer me?
  7. This is just a random question?
  8. Ok...3 more random questions?
  9. Do you like stuff animals?
  10. Should i make more dumb quizzes?

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Quiz topic: How will Ir clan respect you? (warrior cats)