What Clan are you in warrior cats

warrior cats rock but what Clan do you belong to. Many people have a favourite Clan but where would you fit in. Find out here.Just try it. try it. try it

there are some clans you want to be in and some clans you belong in. figure out what one is for you. I hope you liked it..............................

Created by: mackenzie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are shoved into the water during a battle, what do you do
  2. what is you favourite prey
  3. your sister needs help with tidying up the elders den, you werent asked to....
  4. A dog attacks camp, what do you do
  5. where do you want to live
  6. who would your first apprentice be
  7. you are at a gathering when two cats get in a claws and teeth fight what do you do
  8. your in a battle, what move do you use
  9. what do you think of water
  10. what do you think of kittypets

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Quiz topic: What Clan am I in warrior cats