what warrior clan are you?

hello do you want to know your clan can you not decide on a clan well do this good ol quiz and it will tell you your true clan get ready and get some paper that is really just a prop and do this quiz!

what should I put here hmmmmm uh thunder clan shadow clan river clan sky clan and what are battles and hunt territory and thunderclan the books quiz random uh yeah....

Created by: Grier
  1. on a scale from nice to mean how mean/kind are you
  2. do you hurt people?
  3. are you loyal?
  4. just wondering whats your favorite color?
  5. marysue?
  6. do you read the books?
  7. what type of cat is your oc?
  8. what is your ideal class in a clan?
  9. okay we are almost done what element do you like
  10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST are you ready for the answer

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Quiz topic: What warrior clan am I?