What Warrior Cat Clan Do You Belong In

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Four great Clans, prospering in their territories, be that a forest, hillside or riverside, they each have a distinctive character shaped by their Clan.

Are you a ThunderClan cat? Fierce, brave, devoted to the Warrior Code and to their leader. Perhaps a WindClanner, loyal and honourable, fond of their superior agility and speed or a ShadowClan cat- lurking in the shadows other cats fear to tread in. You could be a RiverClan cat, loving nothing more than the feel of water on your fur. Maybe you even exist outside of a Clan, as a hunter or fighter in the Tribe of Rushing Water who make their home amongst the mountains, hunting birds of prey.

Created by: Megan Beigel

  1. Which arc was your favourite?
  2. What is the best colour of pelt to have?
  3. What is the first thing you notice about people?
  4. Is it better to be an expert at one thing or know how to do a little bit of everything?
  5. What matters more to you?
  6. Which cat is most like you?
  7. You've been given the day off training. What do you do instead?
  8. It's almost dark and the patrol isn't back yet. Suddenly, one of the senior warriors stumbles into camp. Your neighbour Clan attacked them while they were renewing the scent markers. How do you handle it?
  9. Your mate is in the nursery and had your kits several days ago. You are ready to name them. What do you consider when naming them?
  10. Your enemy Clan have declared war and are expecting a battle at the border. What do you do the morning of the fight?
  11. Do you really think StarClan are just looking out for the Clans?
  12. Your Clan are on their way to a Gathering when a storm picks up, it shows no signs of stopping but you keep going anyway. When you get there, the way to the island is flooded and the other Clans are there. What do you propose?
  13. Last question. You've been given your first apprentice and you want to start right away. What do you do?

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