Earthclan Roleplay

Here is an adventure where you are in a clan of cats that live underground! This clan uses the tunnels to their full advantage during a battle, by popping up and surprising the enemy!

Thrust into the story, you make decisions that determine how your story ends! Joining you in this quiz are your friend and deputy Tunnelfoot, your mischevious apprentice Rootpaw, and the leader, Beetlestar!

Created by: Random101
  1. You woke up, stretching in the limited space of your den. Suddenly, one of your paws stepped on something. "Hey, get off me!" Your apprentice, Rootpaw meowed.
  2. He shook himself off. "Oh well, might as well get up now that I won't be able to get back to sleep." He then bounded off, no doubt plotting mischief with his friends. What will you do now?
  3. Before you can even move a whisker, the deputy, and your closest friend, Tunnelfoot came into the den. "Hello! Do you want to be on the dawn patrol today?" What do you say? (You can't say no)
  4. After a few minutes, Tunnelfoot has gathered 4 cats, including you, Tunnelfoot, and Rootpaw to be on the dawn patrol. Which of these do you want to do?
  5. In the middle of the patrol, you see a flash of gray fur, and you smell Airclan cats. That being said, you are near the Airclan border. What do you assume it is?
  6. The creature is soon joined by other creatures, and they soon come out! It's Airclan, and they are on your territory! Don't think, what will you do?
  7. They say that they need more land because they are starving, and even though they don't want to fight for it, they will. Your patrol decides to take them to your leader so that he can decide.
  8. Beetlestar was out of the tunnels in a flash. Airclan explained to him what was happening, but he shook his head. "We have no land to spare." He said. What are you thinking?
  9. Airclan's leader, Cliffstar, narrowed his eyes. "We cannot afford to lose this land. Airclan, attack!" Instantly, an Airclan cat was on top of you! What will you do?
  10. You make your way into the tunnels. "Now!" Beetlestar commands, and all the cats in the tunnels pop up, surprising Airclan! What will you do to take advantage of their surprise?

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