What Clan do I belong to?

Clan cats live and die together, they're closer than family they are part of who you are. Joining the right clan will lead you to exceptional greatness, joining the wrong one could end in agony...

Three clans, three leaders, one war and one mighty struggle to survive. Will you help lead your clan to greatness or to doom? Take the quiz to make the first steps.

Created by: brisngr
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  1. There is no food left on the food pile and it's leaf-bare, as leader of the clan you need food to keep you strong and lead your clan to greatness; what do you do?
  2. You decide to go hunting alone; the only cats in camp were elders and apprentices and they'd have been no use in this weather, do you;
  3. You spot a wood pigeon in a near by tree but it's on another Clan's territory...
  4. You decide to go for it. As you stalk forward the bird hops toward you, unaware that you're there. You rush forward and catch it just as another cat appears!
  5. You rear up, ready to fight, when the she-cat nudges three tiny new born kits from behind her. You stare at the kits, bewildered, when the she-cat collapses and dies.
  6. You'll take the kits back to camp. But there's three of them and you can only take one at a time...
  7. One at a time you carry the kits a little of the way but it's taking to long and one of the kittens has turned blue and isn't moving.
  8. Deciding to stay put you curl around the shivering kits as the snow begins to fall. You know it'll wipe out any trace of where you are...
  9. You'll take a risk and stay put. As night sets in you fall asleep and wake suddenly to an eerie stillness. The kits are all dead and you're trapped!
  10. You try digging a way out but the snow collapses on you and you're buried alive! With only seconds to make a choice you kick out and worm free of the snow but you're exhausted and frozen with no energy to move.

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