Which Clan from warriors are you from?

There are four warrior cat Clans; ThunderClan, the brave, WindClan, the swift, RiverClan, the proud, and ShadowClan, the dark. Does this quiz sound interesting?

Oh, PLEASE take this quiz! I would like it if it became popular! Just take this quiz to see which Clan you belong in! Do you eat fish, rabbits, squirrels, or frogs?

Created by: Lilyfrost
  1. Do you like rabbits?
  2. Do you like fish?
  3. Do you like mice?
  4. Do you like frogs?
  5. What pelt color would you like?
  6. Which trait best describes you?
  7. Which cat do you like best?
  8. If you found a cat from another Clan on your territory, what would you say to it?
  9. What best describes you?
  10. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Clan from warriors am I from?