Warriors: A She-Cat's Love Story

First off, this is meant to be a girls only quiz...but it has no effect if you're a guy just being...um, yeah. But, anyways, it's basically about a she-cat going on a warrior cats prophecy with a bunch of toms...and it gets interesting.

This is NOT supposed to be an only WindClan quiz. You can be from any of the clans, and I just put Wildstar in there so there would defiantly be at least one cat from every clan. Just wanted that cleared up. So, yeah...have fun.

Created by: Coalfeather
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  1. First off...where is your cat from?
  2. Now for the story! You are walking through camp at night, alone. You suddenly hear a voice in the sky calling your name faintly. You look up and see nothing. You continue walking slowly and encounter a small river and the voice gets louder. "Look into the water, _______." You do as the voice asks. "Look hard, young one. What do you see?" You stare into the clear river, until your reflection looks just like the legendary Firestar. "I see Firestar..." You whisper. "Exactly. He lives in you, young warrior..." The voice suddenly gets louder, and you look behind you to see a starry Firestar. "Hearts will be won, and loyalties tested. You and the others shall prosper on the Quest For Answers, despite the heavy burden on the Warrior Code..." And as he fades away, you wake up. What's going through your head right now?
  3. The night of the Gathering comes, and you haven't told your leader yet. Before the Gathering starts, you see Wildstar, leader of WindClan. Whether or not you're from WindClan, you feel it is best that you talk to him about it. You approach the happy gray-brown tom, and tell him about your dream. At first, the young tom appears skeptical, but in the end, he looks surprised, and he gives you a warm smile. "That is very interesting. I'm glad you informed me of this. I'll have something important to share tonight. Thank you for telling me, I'll be sure to talk with the others about it." He gives you a lick on the head and bounds of to his post. How do you think he feels about it?
  4. When the Gathering begins, Wildstar seems in a hurry to begin. He immediately talks about the dream you received, and the other cats below, along with the other leaders, exchange murmurs and anxious glances. Then, the ShadowClan leader steps up. "Shadowfur, the medicine cat of my clan, has had this dream as well. He claims it is a prophecy that he must take part in." The RiverClan leader steps up as well. "Actually, my deputy, Goldenheart, has had these dreams as well." The three leaders glance over at ThunderClan's leader. "A warrior of mine, Tigerfang, has dreamed something similar to this." He looked at Wildstar. "And _______ has told you of her dream?" Wildstar nodded. "Yes...but I must take part in this quest as well." He steps down toward you and the other three. The other leaders and warriors are yowling with disagreements. "Preposterous, Wildstar! You must take control of WindClan!" The ShadowClan leader howls. "I don't have a deputy for no reason." The cats look around and are finally silenced. "Fine. You must depart tomorrow." RiverClan's leader hissed. "Gathering dismissed." As you head back to camp, what are you thinking?
  5. The night has come, and you have to leave off with the toms. As soon as you set off, the RiverClan deputy, Goldenheart, tries to talk to you. "Hey...this is some pretty crazy stuff we're caught up in, isn't it?" How do you respond?
  6. "Well, I'm Goldenheart. I've been-" Just then, a russet tabby tom jumps in. "An idiot lately? If you're gonna talk with someone, make sure their actually interested!" He hissed. Goldenheart shrugged and continued. "Anyway, I've been thinking about all this...and I've wondered how Wildstar would hold up in all this. Surely StarClan will never let him see the end of it?" The russet tom interrupted again. "I think they should just kill him now! Don't you agree, ______?" Goldenheart was getting rather fed up at the tom at this point. "I'm Tigerfang, by the way, from ThunderClan." What are you thinking at this point?
  7. "I'm ______...good to meet you two." You say. "Nice to meet you too, _____. Now, as I was saying, I-" Tigerfang interrupted again. "Oh, what's the rush, my great deputy? Surely you want to finish your-" "Finish my sentence, for ONCE!" Goldenheart howled. Tigerfang hissed. They circled each other, about to start a fight. Just then, Shadowfur jumped between them. "STOP!" The small tom yowled. "Can you two stay calm? We're trying to fulfill a prophecy, but that will be hard with you mouse-brains fighting! StarClan brought us together because they thought we could live together and keep peace. Do we want to fail StarClan?" Everyone is silent. "I didn't think so! You two, just stay away from each other, okay?" Goldenheart nods. Shadowfur trots over to you. "Sorry about that. I'm Shadowfur, by the way." Your reaction?
  8. After walking for a while, you come across a cave. You all exchange looks, and after quite some silence, Wildstar walks in. "Come on. It's the only way." Shadowfur nods. You look at the other two and follow behind him. Soon, all of you are in the cave, and it appears brighter than it was outside. The walls are gray, and the moon hits its walls perfectly, giving it a silver look. "Should we rest here tonight?" Goldenheart asks. "No! I haven't eaten all day, and my guess is that nothing gets in or out of here alive! I say we look somewhere else, and get out of this place, quick!" Tigerfang hisses, running ahead. "Alright, I guess that's doable. Come on, guys." Shadowfur says, leading everyone out. You stop behind everyone and glance around. "No...I feel like we should stay and explore." The toms murmur and look at you, confused. "It feels like there's something important that we need to find here." Wildstar steps beside you. "I agree." The other toms soon stand beside you, and Shadowfur decides that you should split up. "I'll go with Goldenheart, and you can go with Wildstar and Tigerfang. Does that sound good, _______?" You nod, even if you really don't want to go with them. "Actually, I'll go alone. I'm rather confident." Wildstar says, heading off alone. "Alright, split up!" And at that, you go off with Tigerfang. What are you thinking at that?
  9. You and Tigerfang are walking when he talks to you with a new voice, one that doesn't sound so vicious and rude. "You know...I'm glad that I can get away with those guys. It's just so...stressful, you know? I mean...nobody even knows what I've been through and why I act like I do, and they just treat me like fox-dung. Especially that idiot, Goldenheart. I'm glad I get to be alone with you, the only one who seems to understand me in some way...I mean, I don't know...what do you think?"
  10. "Well...I just don't know anymore. We've only just met, and yet I feel so...complete when I talk to you..." Tigerfang purrs as he steps closer. Just then, you hear nearby yowling that sounds very familiar. You both run over to the sound and see Goldenheart being attacked by a badger that appears to be mutated in some way. Shadowfur, the poor medicine cat, is backing away, unable to help and fight the badger. Wildstar is trying to help and chase it off, but Goldenheart is still struggling beneath the badger's deadly grasp. Tigerfang isn't willing to do anything to help, so you run in there and attack the badger. After a brisk battle with it, Goldenheart and Wildstar by your side, it is dead, and begins decaying almost immediately. Goldenheart looks at you. "Thank you...so much. I would have died without you there to help me..." You shrug it off, but Goldenheart doesn't take it so lightly. After you all decide that that was what had to be done before you leave, you find a thick forest filled with prey. "We should stay here tonight." Wildstar says. Everyone agrees. You and Goldenheart had both eaten traveling herbs before you left, so you two are left back at camp, resting. As you try to rest on your own, Goldenheart keeps pacing around temporary camp. "What are you thinking about?" You finally ask, after not being able to sleep. "Oh, hey...I was just thinking about...well, I know this is going to sound REALLY desperate, but I just can't stop thinking about what happened earlier. I mean, I felt death right there! I knew I was going to die, but you proved me wrong. I just...I don't know. You saved me, and I just can't get over it!" He pauses. "I hope this isn't making you feel awkward?" He grins.
  11. Soon, as you're having a nice talk with Goldenheart, the other toms come back with enough prey until morning. "Well, I'd better rest. I loved talking with you!" Goldenheart purrs as he curls up next to you, the other toms shooting rather dirty looks at him, especially Tigerfang. After everyone is asleep, you think about all that has happened, and how well the toms treated you. But, the one you REALLY like, who you think about the MOST, would definitely have to be...

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