This is NOT another love story: Justin

There is a lot of love stories out there but how many NOT love stories are there? Take this quiz! It's unique! Well it's not exactly a romance thing, more like what COULD happen.

So how would YOU feel at the end of this NOT love story? Just click how you would react if this happened to you. Would you get sorry, you'll get over it . . . eventually, or some other response? Find out here!

Created by: BlueClouds
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  1. Let's say you're about seventeen. You went to school, a new school.
  2. "Hey" some guy's voice says. "Hi-i-i . . ." your can't speak. "I'm Justin." he says. "I-I'm (put name here)" you say trying to pull yourself together again.
  3. The rest of the day goes horrible. You got bullied, got lost, and your water bottle exploded in your backpack. It's your second day of new school now. You see Justin again. "Hi. You had a pretty bad day yesterday didn't you? Tell you what, why don't you sit with me and my friends today?" he says.
  4. Ok you end you sitting together at lunch and you to totally hit it off! You guys talked the whole time. The next day you guys did the same. And the next day, and the next, and the next. Then it changed. You guys were talking and he says casually, "I really like you (put name here). I was wondering. . . if. . . you would like to. . . date me?" You're in shock. You don't know what to say. "Yes I would love to." you finally say.
  5. About a week passes by and you two are as happy as ever. "I'm throwing a party this weekend, can you come" he asks. "Of course! Why would I miss your party?" you say, happy to hear that you have something else to do this weekend. The only problem is that you'll have to sneek out.
  6. It's ten at night. Your parents went to sleep early, everything is going asplanned. Yes! You made it out the house without your parents noticing. Your at the party. "Hi!" you say hugging Justin from behind. "Hi you! I'm glad you made it." he says, leaning in. Then you guys kiss. Kissing isn't a new thing for you two. "Have a drink!" he continues. You take the cup he hands you. You take a sip. "What is this?!" you gag as you speak. "Lets just say it's for older guys." he laughs. It's definately not wine; it's something stronger.
  7. The party goes on, drinking and all. You really don't like that Justin is still drinking bt he won't stop. Time passes and Justin goes full on party animal. "Stop it! You're not yourself anymore! You drank too much!" youre trying to stop him from doing crazy stuff but he won't stop.
  8. "Calm down!" you scream at him. "He' s not going to. You might not want to be angry at him right now." Garret says to you. He's the nice one but has his own flaws. "Why?" you ask. "Justin gets angry and violent if you yell at him after he has a few drinks." Kyle responds watching Justin. Kyle is the rebel, he once got into a fight with Justin at a party.
  9. They were right. You made Justin angry and he socks you in the arm. You just stare at him. Things just get worse. "Its over!" he yells. Then you just leave, crying because of both the breakup and the pain in your arm. You sneak back in your room and cry yourself to sleep.
  10. "(put name here)! I want you back!" Justin says to you running to your locker. You simply say, "No." and walk away. You two never see each other again, considering he moved away because his parents thought he was getting too wild.

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