Vampires are good... If you love them

Hey so this is the second part of my series I gotteo comments in the last one I hope I get more this time. I know from experience that no one reads this so yeah and ps. To demontheangel you inspired this story so u should be happy.

Okay so this is what they look like Sean: tall blond smart and would risk everything to be with you. Connor: tall, black hair Justin beiber style, dark green eyes you will find out in the story what Sam looks like.

Created by: doterofApollo

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  1. Recap! You go into the library and see Sean sitting across from a guy that looks exactly like Taylor laughtner he even had the same eyes
  2. He looked over to you and winked "hey hotty what's your name?" "___ what is yours?" "Sam" "I guess I should leave." when you walk out of the huge double doors of the library, you walk down the narrow hallway
  3. Then you see a door at the end of the hallway open when you walk to it it is more like you are walking away it hrs farther and farther away then you black out
  4. When you wake up you are on a king sized bed with a dark red blanket over you. You try to get up but fall back down and then Sam walks in an sees that you are awake "guys she woke up!" then he guys walked in. Sean Dorris up "___we found out why they were after you, but we need to explain something first" "okay"
  5. They help you up. "___ we are vampires. Dont be afraid just don't make us mad either. You are the daughter of our last queen. She died and you were princess all of your five sisters are dead. You need a husband that is a vampire to become queen all of the way. You have us three to choose from.
  6. "you have a week until a vampire has to kill you and It will have to be one of us." "okay justgive me until I get to know you all." then they all left the room.
  7. You fell asleep nearly immediately. In your dream you saw a woman that was wearing a fancy dress coming to you "my dear ___ you are the last living of my daughters therefore I give you all of their gifts use them for good the one you choose is ontogeny up to you but I must warn you be careful on who you choose my darling I must leave now but know that I love you and I don't want you to die just choose. Youwont age once you are married"
  8. You woke up after that connor walks in "did you sleep well?" " yeah" "good cause you are going on a date with me today.
  9. Then he leaves. You get off your bed and notice some clothes on the dresser what do you wear?
  10. When you get to the living room, connor's mouth drops. "wow... You look... Wow" then you get in his car when you get there...
  11. Hahahaha come back for part two! I

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