Vampires are good... If you love them

You know this is fun. This is my first story so please don't say anything rude or erogant cause I tried my best and I don't like it when people are mean.

This story is obviously about vampires, so if you don't like vampires, get out now or suffer through a vampire love story. Oh and please comment I spelled comment really wrong in the results so sorry about that.

Created by: doterofApollo

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  1. Sooooooo ____ means your name and this is important cause they will say your name a lot k?
  2. "_____get down here now!" your dad yelled at you. Your mom died when you were two. You don't remember her at all. Your dad yells a you almost all the time. "coming dad" you say to him.
  3. When you get to your new home, two very hot guys come walkin over to you. The first one has black floppy Justin burner style hair, he is tall, a little pale, his green eyes are extremely dark. The second guy has blond spiky hair, blue eyes, tall and looks really smart for his age.
  4. "Hey there cutie. The name is Connor what is your's?" the first one asks. "umm.... ____" "my name is Sean. Please just ignore connor's flirtatiousness." then you went inside once they left. You found a room that was already made up exactly as you ever wanted. It was the most beautiful room you had ever seen.
  5. You ran to your own personal bathroom and noticed a hot tub. When you went to your window and saw Connor and Sean yelling at eachother. Then connor saw you and got a very worried look on his face. You turned around to make sure it was you that he was looking at an right behind you was...
  6. A guy that looked like he could tear you limb from limb. "Oh. My. God." you were about to back away, but you seemed frozen in place. "why hello, you won't be able to move for about an hour, so I will justtake you with me. Are you good with that because I will take you anyways."
  7. He picked you up, and you feignted. When you woke up, you were in a room with no doors, or windows and had one very dim light hanging from the roof. When you try to get up, you realize that you are chained to a bed in the center of the room. Then, one wall blows up, and Connor walks in. "___, are you okay?" "does it look like I am okay? I am chained to a bed."
  8. He unchains you and picks you up. He starts running at inhuman speed. You can barely see trees going by. Once he stops, he sets you down and pulls you along with him. "you need to stay with Sean and me from now on. We won't let anything happen to you," Connor said. "what do you mean? Who was that? Why do I have to stay with you?"
  9. "slow down there. We will explain in about an hour." then he dragged you along and then you see a huge mansion and he was dragging you to it. Once you got iside, he brought you to a room with a couch and a chair. He had you sit on the couch.
  10. Then he told you that you explore the house wherever you want. Where do you go first?
  11. Let's say you went to the library-- when you go in there you see...
  12. Mwahahahahaha how do you like that cliffhanger? Who do you love? Oh will you at least rate?

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