The Vampires Part 1 (Girls Only)

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Take this quiz if you are a fan of suspense, action and good looking guys that are Vampires. Take this quiz to learn more about them and their Covens or Clans.

This quiz, story more likely, will blow your minds away my sister proofread this and she said that it would be great for a movie. This story is different from any you have ever seen, or read. Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Sup9877
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  1. Hello, my name is Jaylen and I'm a Vampire. This story I am about to tell you is true. It is about me, my brothers and a girl we met. Leave if you wish to, for those of you that are interested, stay. Now let us begin, shall we?
  2. You walk home after school, on the way home you decide you stop and do some errands. When you exit the shop, it's nearly midnight. You sigh and continue walking home. A few minutes later you see 4 boys out on the street, mumbling to each other. One of them suddenly looks at you and smacks his lips, his eyes evil.
  3. You walk away and you turn to a corner, you bump into somebody, you look up and see a pair of bright forest green eyes. Someone grabs you from behind, you turn to look, he had crimson eyes. You feel 2 sharp punctures on your neck, in 10 seconds you are knocked out. The last thing you saw, was a pair of golden-brown eyes.
  4. You fall down and you are being dragged. You wake up in your room, you are dizzy and it's blurry. Soon everything comes to focus, you see 4 boys in your room, the first one with crimson eyes, black cropped hair, little muscular, japanese, dirty white jeans (like gray), white t-shirt and a black vest with half-way sleeves. The second one with forest green eyes, very muscular, black person, a start of a beard and a mustache, green baggy pants, brown shirt and black sweater with sleeves rolled up.
  5. The third one with golden-brown eyes, skinny, blond with a little of butterscotch, bronze and brown spiky hair, jeans and a dark red long sleeved shirt. The other one had light gray eyes, average body, white skinny jeans, black long sleeve rolled up, dog tags, brunette and cropped hair.
  6. "Hello, my name is Jaylen Jackson, you can call me JJ." says the guy with the forest green eyes. "And these are my brothers, Jason Jackson(Golden-brown eyes), Logan Gray (Crimson eyes) and Nate Tyson (Gray eyes)." He pointed to each one as he said their names. "And we are..." He hesitated. Then Nate said "We are Vampires." you reply "Yeah, I kind of figured that, when Logan bit me." Logan smirked, but you could tell he felt ashamed, he had sad eyes. "We will explain everything." JJ said. "Jason and I are the descendants of Acronus, our father. And Aria, our mother. Nate is the descendant of Titanious and Susannah. Logan is the descendant of Rageon and Carissa.
  7. You all sat down on the dining table. "Nate will explain." said JJ. "Nate, go for it." "Ok, well when you first saw us, did you notice our eyes?" "Yes." you replied. "Well our eyes represent what our powers are, I have Telekenisis. Jaylen has Earth. Jason has the power of Light and Logan has the power of Fire and Darkness. My Coven or Clan is The Lageh, Jaylen's is The Etahiti, Jason's is The Greshas and Logan's is...The Sarons.
  8. You say "What's with your rings?" "Oh, we all have faceted rings, they are the color of our eyes. It means we are gifted, we are the only vampires that have it. The ring also means that we are Knights, kind of like Warriors, we are destined to protect our race and our leader, our ruler, King Tarturous and Queen Arsonia. We don't burn in the sunlight we sparkle, we don't sleep in coffins, in fact we don't sleep at all, we don't eat human food and it is possible for a Vampire to drink another Vampire's blood. We are also enemies with the Werewolves."
  9. "Oh, I almost forgot to mention, our eyes can change color. Black means that we are hungry. dark yellow means that we are fed, butterscotch means that we are in a good mood. You were lucky that Logan was full before he killed you." "Yeah, hehe...lucky." you said. "One more thing, Jason can also read minds, he can sense who people are and...what people are. He sensed something in you that was different from any other human. You are a Vampire, too."
  10. Sorry gotta end this quiz, come back for part 2! This is the Sequel to The Vampires: The Werewolves. The Third: It's Time The Fourth: The War The Fifth: The Last Battle Begins and The Sixth: Over Those are all the stories I am going to make.

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