What kind of vampire are you?

Love vampires? won't blame you they are interesting, and different types of vampires exist. find out where you belong, maybe a clan or maybe a loner? test your self.

Love the night life? love the romantic ways of the vampires? why not find out What type of vampire would you be in the world? test yourself and see what kind would you be. upon the different types of vampires in the world.

Created by: Haria

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  1. you start your awaken in the middle of the forest. you are approached by a shadow of the night, what do you think the shadow is?
  2. if you were a vampire what would you normal do to gain blood or food?
  3. what would you life style be?
  4. Pick a symbol.
  5. your in a vampire bash, which one of these bashes would it be?
  6. if you were an animal, what would you be?
  7. upon finding a cure, would you turn human again?
  8. which of the following is your favorite book/series?
  9. if you were to compare your life to a poem which of these would it be? (if nothing u can compare to just pick the one you like)
  10. what color of rose would appeals to you?

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Quiz topic: What kind of vampire am I?