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  • Your Result: Classic blood drinker- Immortal vampire


    as an immortal vampire, you have a lot of power. your appearance is glowing and attracting to humans. making it easy to drink blood. you rather hunt alone then in groups, unless its a troublesome prey.

    I like to also think that I'm a seductive vampire as well. Ill make you think I live you then drink your blood. So who wants to come to my house?

  • Excellent. No wimpy Twilight vampires in this quiz. Good that you read Vampire Academy. You should also read Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith and The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Well done. Immortal Vampire. Yay.

  • Im a Classic blood drinker- Immortal vampire, cool!

  • im no vampire like i say i walk alone a demon trying to be the stronger


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