How much Vampire are you?

Sometimes, a person is too intelligent for their own good. Sometimes, a person is too fast or strong. Sometimes, a person is too greedy. Those people are what we call, "Vampires"

Are you a vampire? Don't know? Then take this quiz to find out! Soon, you will find out your true identity!And, don't be worried if you scored high...

Created by: Flaria

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  1. If someone was about to kill you, what would you do?
  2. Whats your favorite movie?
  3. How would you kill someone?
  4. Who's your idol?
  5. Could you sit around a cozy fire all day in a big chair, reading?
  6. If you could change the world any way you want, how would you change it?
  7. Would you kill your best friend for power?
  8. What would you call a "true monster"?
  9. Do believe in ghosts?
  10. Did you ever hate someone so much that you wanted to kill them?

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Quiz topic: How much Vampire am I?