The Magical Quest Part 1

This quiz is for boys AND girls! This is a story quiz unlike any other. No Vampires, No Zombies, no super romantic stuff. This is probably one of the best story quizzes you will ever take in your entire life. And this is the first ever quiz to be for both boys and girls.

So see who you get. Darren, the fire warlock. Lauren, the air witch. Veronica, the earth witch. Alistair, the water warlock. I hope you get who you want, because we worked hard on this quiz.

Created by: edster9 & acinorev

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  1. You are lying at home, flipping through the TV, but not really paying attention. As you pass by America's Got Talent, The Simpsons, you wonder:
  2. You decide to go to sleep, after watching T.V. for about an hour. When you wake up, you realize you're starving. You think about making:
  3. You hear a crash outside, freak out a bit, but go check what it is. When you open the door, four cloaked figures are standing on your porch. You start to think:
  4. One of the cloaked figures spoke up, "Can we please come in? We'll explain everything in a bit." You:
  5. You must be crazy, but you let them in after a while. Once inside, they take off their cloaks. There are two guys, and two girls. The descriptions are:
  6. They start to explain why they are here. "We come from the four magic nations. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. You may not believe this, but you might be the prince/princess of the entire Magic kingdom.", said the girl dressed in green.
  7. "My name is Darren", said the boy with red eyes. "I'm Veronica", added the green eyed girl. "And I'm Alistair. That's Lauren over there." the blonde-haired man replied, pointing at a gray haired woman.
  8. "Here's another thing you may not believe", Lauren began, "We are all Witches and Warlocks. I'm from the Air Nation, Darren is from the Fire Nation, Veronica is from the Earth Nation, and Alistair is from the Water Nation."
  9. "We have some business to take care of here on Earth before we bring you back to our Kingdom." explained Veronica, "We were hoping that you would lend us this place to stay for a while."
  10. I hope you liked this quiz. Me and my friend are working on it. Who are you falling for so far?

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