Magic Adventure 6

So here it is again. It is a long one, but I hope it will make you want to come back again for the next part. I'm as excited about these, as my true fans are, so please comment and rate afterwards, but first of; enjoy!

Recap: So you have practiced your fighting skills with Gurdore in his castle. You have been studying the magical language. And in the evening of a certain day, you, Verras, and Ivy have gone out for a night stroll. But, you see a floating shape in the air, and later, you find Veldaro and Naris by the cave of dragon eggs. Torn apart, bleeding, and brutally wounded. So what is this floating shape? Who took the dragon egg? What will happen? Find out with this part!

Created by: Skydragon
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  1. You rush to Naris's side, who lies by Veldaro's head. You swing your head around, and look at Ivy with intense eyes. "Go!" you shout at the unicorn. She storms of, and she knows what's too be done.
  2. You close your eyes and try to remember the healing words that Gurdore taught you. You suddenly ask Naris,
  3. You then remember the healing words, and you find that Naris's left shoulder is heavily bleeding, with his flesh revealed. It seems the worst of his injuries. You crawl towards his shoulder, and place your hand on his shoulder. "You musn't." Naris murmurs.
  4. "No, she must heal you, so you and Veldaro can tutor us." Verras says. It seems her mind is in yours, Naris's, and Veldaro's as well. Naris sighs, and nodds at you. You place your hand on his shoulder.
  5. You heal Naris's shoulder, and you feel a bit out of energy afterwards. Naris sits up, and he heals Veldaro, so he will live. Then, a white wolf, whose coat shines, and whose eyes are sky blue, jumps from the trees.
  6. "Greetings, Naris, Veldaro, _____, and Verras." the white wolf says. "You must not be afraid."
  7. "I am Surgan's messanger. Ivy is coming. You should head towards the castle. All of you. You shall meet her on the way." the wolf says, and dashes of again.
  8. "Let's go then." Naris says. You all walk, and you both hold your sword, in case danger comes across your path. Veldaro walks behind you and Naris, while Verras flutters near you. Then, you hear a sound in the distance.
  9. A gust of wind flies by you and the others, and there stands Ivy. "______, you are all right. The kings wish to hear what happened."
  10. You return to Gurdore's castle not so long after. The kings have assembled in the same hall as you were trained in earlier. Ivy, you, Verras, and Naris, head on in. Naris takes your arm, and leads you.
  11. When you have assembled in the large hall, you hear a crash in the ceiling, and a shape comes drifting down. It's Veldaro.
  12. "You are all well, Veldaro." Gurdore says, and makes a slight bow to the blue dragon. Then he turns to look at Naris. "Will you tell us the story that you have to tell us?"
  13. "I shall." Naris says. Everyone settles for a story, and Naris begins. "I was out on my night patrol, as I do always. I always check the dragon eggs, the landscape, and watch for suspicion. Once done, I shall retreat to my courters." he began.
  14. "But when I came to the cave of dragon eggs, I saw a humongous black griffin, with red eyes standing before it, glaring at me. While Veldaro dashed at it, I saw a dark figure emerge from the cave, with a dragon egg in his arms."
  15. The other four kings gasp, and begin to draw worried expressions onto their faces. "Hush, hush!" Naris says, and goes on, "I saw the egg, and I saw that the figure had wrong intentions with the egg. I had Veldaro dash at the man, but the griffin knocked Veldaro and I to the side. I dropped from his back, and rolled until I stood again. I battled the dark figure with sword and magic, while Veldaro battled the griffin in many brutal ways also."
  16. "But, I was unable to get back the dragon egg. Both us men, and both the griffin and Veldaro were heavily wounded. Veldaro lay bleeding on the ground, and the griffin stood with exhaustion about a hundred yards from us. I stood before Veldaro, protecting him. I hacked at the evil foe's leg, and chopped if of. The figure yelped, and jumped upon the griffin. Bleeeding still, they went of."
  17. "If it weren't for the fact that I fought to protect Veldaro, then I wouldn't have the strength to chop of our foe's leg. And that made him and his griffin flee." Naris says. The kings are silent. You look with worry at...
  18. "I fell down by Veldaro of such exhaustion. Then," Naris pauses, and takes your hand. "Our great hope came, healed me, and sent Ivy for help."
  19. "You must depart tomorrow morning." Gurdore decides. "You, Lady ______, shall go with Verras and Ivy. Leah shall come with you, and so shall Veldaro and Naris."
  20. You head to your quarters soon after this. You fall asleep with fiddled thoughts. The next morning, Leah wakes you. She brings you your breakfast, while you change, and you eat together. Then you go downstaris.
  21. Not too much later, you are all accumulated outside of the castle. The gates are open, and the kings are standing in the opening, all but Naris.
  22. You are mounted upon Ivy, and Verras is leaning against your back. Under her, are saddlebags, which have been attatched to Ivy. Leah is also with you, upon a bay Thoroughbred, also with saddlebags. And of course Nairs, is upon Veldaro, with saddlebags. You all say goodbye, and then you dpart. You look back, and with every step that Ivy takes, the four other kings are further away.
  23. Soon, they are out of sight, and you have set upon your journey to retrieve the dragon egg from evil clutches. Who knows what awaits you?
  24. So that was it for this part. Please come back for part 7! And rate and comment please, so I know what's the opinion of these quizzes!

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