Magic Adventure 2

So it has gotten this far. You have just discovered that you are a shapeshifter. A unicorn has come to you, and carried you to four kings; elf, fairy, dwarf, and human. A dragon has come before you, as blue as ocean depths.

Who is this dragon? What will happen to you next? And which king is perfect for you? Find out what happens, and travel through this world. You never know what will happen.

Created by: Skydragon

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  1. The blue dragon bows his head to you, and as he does, you see upon his back, a man in delicate robes. He smiles at you, and his eyes show twinkles. What do you think?
  2. All kings exchange glances. The rider of the dragon dismounts, and walks towards you. He takes your hand and kisses it. What is your reaction?
  3. "____, this is Naris, he is King of the shapeshifters. He has no land. He has no castle, no throne, as the shapeshifters are always in different locations. They fly with their dragons." Ivy explains.
  4. "Can you all explain things to me? I'm very confused." you say with a sigh. Ivy turns her head to you. What do you see most in her eyes?
  5. "Lady _____, you are a shapeshifter, like me. You must come with me, and I shall bring you to the dragon eggs. One shall hatch for you. Then your training can begin." Naris says. What do you do?
  6. "Go on, it's safe. I'll be at Gurdore's castle. Awaiting you." Ivy says. It calms your heart and head. You dismount, and walk to Naris. He helps you upon his dragon, and you sour of. What do you notice?
  7. Naris tells you that his dragon is named Veldaro. A little later, Veldaro lands, before a large cave. Naris dismounts, and helps you off. What do you notice around you?
  8. Naris takes your hand, and leads you away from Veldaro; he will guard the entrance. Naris leads you inside, and takes a torch from its holder. He takes you forward, and stops. He lets go of your hand, and points at a set of dragon eggs before you. Which leaves you in awe?
  9. The red egg begins to stir. Your eyes are fixed upon them. Then, the shell of the egg cracks, and in seconds, there stands, a tiny, baby dragon. Red as crimson. It looks at you, and you hear in your mind, "Greetings _____, my name is Verras."
  10. Naris smiles. "Your dragon is a female. She is yours, anf she will follow you. Take her with you. We must go back to Gurdore's palace, so you can rest, and begin training soon." he says.
  11. A while later, Veldaro lands by the gates of the castle of Paladore. Gurdore is standing there. Ivy is by his side. She looks at you. What do you want to say to her first?
  12. Naries helps you dismounts, and soars of again with his dragon, as soon as possible. You watch him leave and think:
  13. Well, that's it for now. I am exhausted a bit, but I'll be making the next real soon. It's only get better! Come again if you're curious what will happen.

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