Magic Adventure4

Let's go again! Just a quick review of things. You have met five kings, and also, a young, red, female dragon, under the name of Verras. She is your dragon, as is Ivy the unicorn your protector and steed. You have also met Leah, your hand maid. The first day has just drawn to an end.

Which will it be? Will you continue having the same results as before? Fairy king Sky, or Elvin king Surgan. Or maybe Human king Gurdore, or Crade of the dwarves. And maybe just one of your own kind, Naris the mighty shapeshifter.

Created by: Skydragon
  1. The next morning, you wake up, because you hear Verras's voice in your mind, "Wake up! The sun is shining, as should you." she says.
  2. You get out of bed, and you find a wardrobe full of lovely clothes. Many dresses. You decide to wear one of them. Which color?
  3. As you have just finished dressing, you hear some one knocking on the door. "Enter" you say, and Leah comes in. "My Lady, you are expected for breakfast in the dining hall. As is your dragon."
  4. When you come outside, you see Ivy smiling at you. She is covered with a fine icy blue blanket, with violet thread here and there.
  5. You come to the hall with Ivy, Leah, and Verras. All of the Kings have attended, including Naris. They all smile at you. You smile back at:
  6. You are seated at the head of the table, with two kings at each side. It is a short table, at which you're seated. Ivy stands at the other end, facing you, and Verras is very near to her. Leah asks you what you'd like. Your choice:
  7. You are served as you have asked, and Leah seems to care about and for you, as she keeps looking at you with amazed eyes, and whenever your cup is empty, she hurries to ask if you need more.
  8. After eating, Gurdore tells you that you should go for a walk in the courtyard with Verras and Ivy. As you do, you suddenly wonder, why you are being trained, while there is no evil.
  9. You decide to ask Ivy, and she says. "No evil? Yes there is evil near us. A great evil, who seeks to take the dragon eggs, is nearing the four lands."
  10. "I know it sounds unfair, but your training won't be easy, and will require great amounts of energy." Ivy goes on.
  11. As you stop by a fountain, to watch the water, that comes from a dragon's mouth, and falls into cupped wings, and is headed back through the dragon to be poured out again, Gurdore comes to stand by you.
  12. "Let's begin your training, shall we?" he asks smiling.
  13. You both begin to walk of, with Ivy and Verras along. Who do you think of?
  14. You enter the castle again. "But first," Gurdore says, "You'll need a weapon. Not just magic, but a blade." he confirms, and leads you down a bunch of halls and corridors, until you enter a room filled with armor suits, swords, shields, spears, all sorts of bows, quivers, bolts, arrows. Gurdore leads you to many swords. Which catches your eye.
  15. Gurdore takes a lightning blue sword of off the rack, and hands it to you. You hold it, and it feels oddly light, and also like an extension of your arm. "This blade is magically blessed." Gurdore says.
  16. "Here." Gurdore says, and hands you a sheath and a belt for you to use. You buckle the belt around your waste, and attach the sheath. You glide the sword into it. "Now we can begin your training." Gurdore says.
  17. Gurdore leads you down many halls and chambers again, when he stops at two large, wooden doors. He gestures at the guards, and they begin to open the doors...
  18. That's it for part 4! I hope you will be back to see what happens next, and please comment and rate!

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