What Kind Of Mage Are You?

What is Magic? Magic is the manipulation of nature through super-natural or meta-physical means. There are many different kinds of Mages, or magic uses.

Maybe you think you're a Mage. You might have firey Pyromancy powers, calm Aquamancy abilities, or Beasty Zoomancy traits. Maybe you can do things you never knew. Take quiz to find out!!

Created by: nathan
  1. What form of combat to you prefer?
  2. You channel your powers through
  3. How do you feel about a king?
  4. It's hot out. A friend invites to go to the public pool. What do you do?
  5. The age and gender questions don't count for anything. how do you feel about this?
  6. I hate asking this. what would your powers be?
  7. What's your favorite color? (I hate this question too)
  8. What is the purpose of life?
  9. What do you hate?
  10. pick one
  11. What's heaven to you?
  12. Okay, now I'm just messing around. Pick one.
  13. OH this is sad...
  14. Oh Geez, how long is this gonna take?
  15. ....Pick one...
  16. (SIGH)....
  17. You know the drill.
  18. Here's a good Question!

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Mage am I?