Mage: the Awakening Path Quiz

This is a quiz for finding out which Path you are in the Mage: the Awakening RPG for the World of Darkness. You have the option of being an Acanthus, a Mastigos, a Moros, an Obrimos, or a Thyrsus. IMPORTANT: The questions about your age and gender have no effect on the result of the test. This site just forced me to put those questions on.

A little backstory: I made this quiz when a player of mine wanted to pick the Thyrsus path just because he wanted some Life magic, even though it was terribly obvious he was an Obrimos. I hope your results reflect what kind of person you truly think you are.

Created by: Javert120
  1. You have to go on a journey on foot to a distant land. What is the first item you make sure you have before you leave?
  2. On your journey, you stop at a tavern to rest. While in the bar, a large, gruff man is offended by something you say and wants to fight you. How would you best surprise him?
  3. On your journey again, you meet a traveling merchant. Do you:
  4. You meet a pretty woman on the road who sees that you're hungry, and offers you some food. As thanks, you:
  5. You are traveling on a long hot road when your strength runs out, and you succumb to fatigue. A man passes by. Would you rather the man be:
  6. You are attacked by a robber on the road, and manage to knock him unconscious. Do you:
  7. You come through a valley on your journey which has a barbarous tribe of people who are known for attacking intruders. You would rather:
  8. On your journey, you meet a well-known fortune teller whose prophecies always come true. She tells of your imminent death in the near future. What do you do?
  9. You finally arrive at your destination after your long journey: a celebration which you've been invited to. What is the celebration for?
  10. True strength lies:

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