what is your weapon of chose

there are many weapons in the world but you never know which on to use, thats where this quiz comes into play telling which one you should use and which to stay away from. also you learn which position in the fight you should be in like you don't want to be in the front with a mage

so you know which is the right fit and which is the wrong one. but mostly you can also use this to tell which one to buy off of many websites like many i will not name. but you can learn a lot from this and also learn your type of enemys like a mage should not take an orc.

Created by: pimpdaddypayne
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how strong are you?
  2. are you smart
  3. what is your secondary weapon?
  4. how long do you train?
  5. are you bored?
  6. what is your style of enemy?
  7. do you keep an enchantment on your weapon?
  8. how fast are you?
  9. do you have potion to increase your skills
  10. what is your speacial ability?
  11. how do you fight?

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Quiz topic: What is my weapon of chose