which weapon suits you best?

you have played soul calbur 2, prince of persia, legend of zelda...if you were one of those people, which weapon would you have? well...if you say the mastur sword or the dagger of time u are the biggest nerd ever... no but seriously, the only question i ask is WHICH WEAPON SUITS YOU BEST. (i dont care)

are you strong. (if you are i dont care...) have you been wondering which weapon uits you best (i still dont care what the answer is) well take this test and find out which weapon suits you best!

Created by: tuby on diet
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  1. being nimble is being able to avoid attacks very quickly. is this you?
  2. are you (physically) strong?
  3. are you a dark person? (this has nothing to do with skin color)
  4. how do you fist fight?
  5. are you tough? (like you stand up to people you dont stand a chance against)
  6. all authority of any kind have been frozen for the next week. now what?
  7. slices stabs cuts
  8. what weapon do you hope your result is on this "which weapon suits you best" quiz?
  9. if you answerd the 3rd choice for the last question....your messed up. are you easily angerd?
  10. if you are still wondering what the word "nimble" means from the first question...the definition was in the question you retard!......would you use fancy moves in a fist fight?

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Quiz topic: Which weapon suits me best?