What RPG Weapon Would you Have

Have you ever wondered what weapon in RPG's would be best for you? Want to know the charistics of your weapon better? Ever thought the weapon you use just isnt you or if it really is your true erm..Soul Weapon?

If you have then you can ponder the answer or just find out now in a couple of short answers! Using my knowledge of RPG's I combined up a little test determining what weapon would be the best for you for your next RPG gaming expierience or maybe just fantisies.

Created by: Max
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your ally is dieng from a monster will you..
  2. When you pack food for your journey you pack..
  3. If in need of a partner you would be best paired up with a..
  4. In battle you are most familiar saying..
  5. You have an orb to turn you into a different race. First thing you would turn into would be..
  6. If you were to buy armor it would be..
  7. If you could give advice on battles would you say..
  8. You would like to live in..
  9. In free time you..
  10. Do you absolutely need a weapon?

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