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This category is for quizzes about roleplaying games. RPGs are games in which players create and play characters a fictional world created by a game master. Imagination comes heavily into play, and dramatic conflicts are set up. Dungeons & Dragons is the most famous role playing game.

Our RPG Quiz List

  • Which is Your Morality Alignment?
    [by: N Intolubbe, rated: rated: 4.33/5, published: Jun 8, 2014]

    Answer a series of questions, including RP scenarios, to determine your type of morality.

  • Which The Adventure Zone Character Are You?
    [by: Thecattydddy, rated: rated: 4.44/5, published: Aug 27, 2017]

    See which character you'd be, from the fun McElroy brothers podcast.

  • The Gods of Chaos
    [by: Wargo567, rated: rated: 3.46/5, published: Apr 29, 2012]

    In This Quiz You Must Think Yourself As An Evil Champions of The Dark Gods of Chaos Which Are Nurgle, Slaanesh, Khorne, and Tzeentch. Most Champions Serve All…

  • What's Your Angelic Mission?
    [by: Steve, rated: rated: 3.22/5, published: Sep 9, 2017]

    When angels fall to earth, they find themselves cut off from God and for the first time in their immortal existence, unsure of what to do. Of their purpose…

  • What D&D character class are you?
    [by: lister, rated: rated: 3.17/5, published: Apr 20, 2007]

    If you are going to play dungeons and dragons, you must know which character class suits you best.

  • Quel/le rôliste êtes-vous ?
    [by: Nicole, rated: rated: 3.03/5, published: Jan 9, 2015]

    Vous êtes joueur/joueuse de jdr, mais avez-vous un type ? Un archétype de personnage que vous utilisez í  toutes les sauces et univers ? Un style de jeu que…

  • Mage Path Quiz - RPG
    [by: tentacle_Shogun, rated: rated: 3/5, published: Jun 11, 2016]

    Despite the vigorous debates over the nature of the Supernal Realm, for all intents and purposes mages count five different facets, or Paths of the supernal…

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