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Despite the vigorous debates over the nature of the Supernal Realm, for all intents and purposes mages count five different facets, or Paths of the supernal world: five ways to see through the Lie, five ways to achieve magic, five kinds of mages.

The five mage Paths are defined by the inter-play of the Ruling Arcana, each with one Subtle Arcanum governing the symbols and magic of hidden, esoteric phenomena of the Path, and one Gross Arcanum governing its concrete, eminent manifestations. This quiz will allow you to find YOUR mage Path. You will be either Enchanter, Warlock, Necromancer, Templar, or Druid - the Five Paths.

Created by: tentacle_Shogun

  1. People might describe you as unreliable.
  2. Some consider you to be immature.
  3. You value freedom over order.
  4. You seem to be fairly lucky.
  5. You view the world through optimistic eyes.
  6. You enjoy games of skill and chance.
  7. You consider yourself to be hopeful.
  8. You would prefer anarchy to oppression.
  9. Some see you as lazy and unmotivated.
  10. You are easily convinced to do things you already want to do.
  11. Some might call you crafty or sly.
  12. You consider yourself a perceptive person.
  13. You don't trust easily.
  14. You value your own independence.
  15. You prefer to be subtle over being brash.
  16. You see yourself as refined and polite.
  17. You are a tough person, physically and mentally.
  18. You follow your base urges more often than not.
  19. You value change over stagnation.
  20. Your friends would call you obsessive about certain things.
  21. You enjoy books and learning.
  22. You generally try to keep up a serious demeanor.
  23. You prefer to be alone than among people.
  24. You try to keep your composure in tough situations.
  25. Your friends call you quiet.
  26. You prefer to be prudent over rushing into things.
  27. You take great pride in your work.
  28. You value the letter of the law over the intent.
  29. You are comfortable with physical contests.
  30. You try to stay active and healthy.
  31. Your friends would say you're easily riled up.
  32. You enjoy conflict and debate.
  33. You see yourself as a survivor.
  34. Your friends would say you're better than the average person.
  35. You are a very organized individual.
  36. You see yourself as a passionate person.
  37. You are athletic and generally fit.
  38. You throw yourself into your passions wholeheartedly.
  39. You are easily distracted.
  40. You don't like to wait for things to happen.
  41. You dislike large crowds.
  42. You value the health of your soul as much as that of your body.
  43. Your friends would say you are a giving person.
  44. You often take things to excess.
  45. You see yourself most as:
  46. You find yourself drawn to:

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