Warhammer Chaos Gods 2: are you a Champion of Tzeentch?

You may have taken my old Warhammer Chaos Gods quiz on this site and found out this truth, or you may have known it all along. Perhaps it was your thirst for knowledge and power that determined your choice, or maybe the Changer of Ways has guided you blinded into His embrace. Either way you worship Him - Tzeentch, Lord of Magic and Change, the Great Conspirator, the Puppet Master pulling the strings of humankind. Of course, your faith in Him is not accompanied by deeds of adequate grandeur: after all, you are a mere mortal, not a mighty warrior-mage who leads the Hosts of Change into triumph and plots the demise of all who stand in the way of his Master. But could you do that, given the opportunity? Or, perhaps to reveal but a small part of Tzeentch's will, will you?

You know that change is the only constant of this universe - or any other - and its' whirly, unpredictable path is the one you follow. Is your inner strength sufficient to prevent you from straying form it - to make you a Champion of Tzeentch? Is it His will that you join the ranks of His chosen? Answer these questions truly, and the truth shall be revealed to you; or hide your secret thoughts and be lost forever in the labyrinth of Change.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Do you believe that every change is for the better?
Yes, of course. Stagnation can ruin anything and everything.
Mostly, unless it is apparent to bring bad results or destructive in nature.
It depends on the nature of the change and the thing being changed.
Not really: once the optimal situation is reached, no changes should be made.
No, quite to the contrary: it is the road to randomness and failure.
Do you think the future can be foretold?
Yes, I do believe in such powers, although they are possessed by few.
Foretold, no. Predicted, yes.
I wish it was possible, but I'm afraid it's not.
No, of course not. And it's better that way. It would be horrible to know everything in advance.
Do you always speak the truth?
[Lie:] Yes.
I try to, but sometimes fail.
Depends on my whim.
If it suits my purposes.
Less often than not.
Roughly, how many books do you own?
Around one thousand.
Several hundred.
A hundred or two.
Several dozens or less.
Who needs books anyway?
Which of these names is NOT another name for Tzeentch?
None of these names are His.
All three are His.
All the names that exist are His, for He is the spirit of Change and the moving force of Life, and thus He is in everything.
Do you have long-term plans for yourself, or do you live from day to day?
Hey, you can never know what tomorrow brings - and trying to guess spoils the fun.
I have some general plans/desires, but I still mostly follow the current.
I try to plan far in advance, but, of course, those plans are always subject to change.
I have long-term plans, and am annoyed/upset whenever something interferes with them.
What do you think of the concepts of Good and Evil?
Those are the forces that move and shape the universe.
Actually, I prefer to think in the terms of Law and Chaos.
Those are necessary concepts, but I think they exist only in the human mind, and not in the entire universe.
They may exist, but I'm beyond them.
Mere illusions and self-deceptions woven by Man because he is too weak to accept the harsh reality.
I try not to think of them - too much of what makes up our everyday life could be deemed Evil.
Pick a number. Choose wisely!
How many languages do you speak? This includes dead (such as Latin or ancient Greek) or fictional (Elven, the Chaos tongue) languages:
Only my mother tongue.
Two, i.e. only one foreign language.
Three to five.
Six to ten.
More than ten.
Can perfection be achieved?
No, and thus it is in vain to struggle for it.
No, but one should still aspire for it.
No, for the definition of perfection changes. But you can come quite close to it by adapting to the spirit of its' change.
Yes, but it is hard to attain and not everyone can do it.
Yes, you just have to know the little secret, the golden way.
Yes, for in constant change is the perfect form of life.
Are you interested in social sciences, philosophy, religious theories?
Not really, I find them boring and/or confusing.
Well, I studied some of it at school... I had some decent marks.
A little, I've browsed the Web and read a few newspaper articles.
Yes, and I've read books on the subject.
Yes, and I consider myself to be an expert in those fields.
4 15 - 25 15 21 - 21 14 4 5 18 19 20 1 14 4 - 23 8 1 20 - 9 19 - 23 18 9 20 20 5 14 - 8 5 18 5
14 15 20 - 17 21 9 20 5
24 5 19 - 20 8 5 - 3 15 4 5 - 9 19 - 19 9 13 16 12 5
9 - 1 13 - 1 14 - 9 4 9 15 20 - 1 14 4 - 3 1 14 14 15 20 - 4 5 3 9 16 8 5 18 - 20 8 9 19
How much time did it take you to decipher the previous question?
It's a matter of seconds - I read the code as if it were common English.
A few minutes, but I guessed what the code was the moment I saw it.
5-15 minutes.
An hour or more of thinking.
Actually, this isn't my first time on this quiz. The first time I answered it at random, then a friend revealed the code to me...
I was supposed to decipher it??? I though it was just another question with random numbers. If you tell me the first one wasn't random either, I'll just go and kill myself.
How often do you change the wallpaper on your computer desktop?
I don't: I have found the most perfect picture for it.
Rarely, when some new picture attracts my attention, or I grow bored with the old one.
Occasionally, a couple of times per month.
At least once a week.
Every day.
Several times per day.
Do you like exerting your power/influence over people?
No, that's wrong.
No, though it's sometimes necessary.
I would like it, had I any power or influence.
Yes, but I prefer that they remain ignorant of the fact.
Yes, and I want them to know it: I like being recognised as the boss.
Which one word best describes your (usual) style of clothing?
Have you ever manipulated anyone into doing something against their own interests?
No, I'd never do anything of the sort. It's immoral and wrong.
No, I'm not skilled enough to do something like that, so I wouldn't risk that person realising what I'm doing.
Well, if it includes minor stuff, practical jokes and the like, then yes. But never anything really serious.
Yes, but I felt bad for doing it.
Yes, I wanted to hurt them.
Yes, that was the only/easiest way of achieving my purpose.
If you had to change ONE important thing in your life right NOW, what would it be?
My place of residence.
My job/school.
My friends.
My romantic partner. [If you don't have one, this answer means you'd get one.]
My primary hobby.
Errr... I really don't want to change anything. I'm happy with my life as it is.
Do people listen when you speak?
I don't speak much. Not to people, at least.
Not really, I just can't get to them.
I guess. I mean, averagely. I'm not much of an orator, but at least they don't throw rotten tomatoes.
Yes, they usually listen carefully to what I have to say.
Not only do they listen to me, but I manage to convince them to follow my instructions.
If you got to rule the world for just one day, what would you do?
Everything that can be done in one day to improve the lives of common people.
I don't think I'm capable for ruling the world, so I'd pass the task to someone more appropriate.
Have all the fun I can get as Master of the World.
Cause as much havoc and destruction as I can. Let the regular rulers clean up the mess afterwards!
Use the available resources to improve my own position, so when that day is over, I return to a much better life than before.
Use the available resources to subdue the key people to myself, so when the day is over, I'm still left with a few strings to pull.
How would you convince someone to do something that's important to you and your plans, if they weren't eager to?
Promise them something they yearn for in return, intending to fulfill that promise.
Promise them something they yearn for in return, albeit falsely.
Promise that I'll owe them a favour of equal importance.
Threaten them.
Pay/bribe them.
Nothing: I'd try and find another way to accomplish my goal, one that does not involve such obstacles.
Do you ever talk to yourself?
No! Do you think I'm crazy?
I don't think so. Do I talk to myself, me? No, me, I certainly don't.
It happened a couple of times.
Yes, but only when I'm alone. Helps me focus on whatever I'm thinking about.
Yes, happens even in public. I try to keep my voice down, though.
Which of myself do you mean? There's a lot of us in here.
Is there anyone who knows all your plans and desires? Someone you feel you can tell anything to?
Several of them, in fact. Could be that I'm lucky to have such people near me, or I'm simply not a very secretive person.
Yes, a member of my family.
Yes, a friend/lover.
Yes, an elder/mentor.
No. There's one person that's close to that, and he/she is the person I trust most - you have to rely on someone, after all - but I never trust them with my thoughts entirely.
No, and never will be. Letting someone that close to you is always a potential threat.
What do you think guides your actions most of the time?
Destiny, or some will above my own.
Instinct, compulsion.
Ambition and desire.
Emotional drives.
Cold reason and determination.
In conclusion, if Tzeentch appeared to you in a dream and told you He makes you His Champion, what would be the first thing you'd do when you woke up?
Nothing special. It was just a dream.
Call my friends and tell them of the dream and what Tzeentch looked like in it, so we can compare it to the known descriptions.
Write a story about my dream.
Examine my body to see if I have the Mark of Tzeentch.
Decide to change my haircut and my style of clothing, re-arrange the furniture in my room and paint the Mark of Tzeentch on the wall. Or something of the sort.
Swear my allegiance to Him as my eternal Master and devote my life to spreading the reign of Change.

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