Warhammer Chaos Gods 3: are you a Champion of Nurgle?

You may have taken my old Warhammer Chaos Gods quiz on this site, or you may have known it all along. Perhaps at first you received your Grandfather's gift unwillingly, only later surrendering to it, or perhaps you've embraced it with joy. It is of no consequence, for now you worship Him - Nurgle, Lord of Plague and Pestilence, Master of Decay and Despair. Of course, you merely follow Him in your ordinary life: you aren't really a carrier of His gifts and plagues, spreading them all over mankind along with His will. But, if He gave you the chance, could you do that? Or, maybe, will you?

You have chosen the path of Decay, but do you have what it takes to become a Champion of Nurgle? Will the God of Pestilence smile down upon you and grant you His divine favour? Answer these questions without falsehood, and learn what your Master may bestow upon you.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
How often do you fall ill?
Quite *sniff* often; as a matter of fact, I have a cold right now. Never mind, I'm used to it.
Unfortunately, quite often. And this medicine that's supposed to improve my immunity isn't really helping...
Averagely, during the flue season, when someone infects me...
Rarely, my immunity's quite strong.
Can't even remember when was the last time I was ill. At least a couple of years ago.
How do you behave when you do fall ill?
State of emergency! I stay in bed until I'm perfectly sure all the symptoms are gone, and someone has to nurse me 24h per day.
I stay in bed for a while, and it's nice if there's someone to take care of me.
I stay at home and rest, but not in bed: that makes me nervous.
I do whatever the doctor, my parents, wife/husband (or whoever) tells me to do.
I try not to exert myself and take my medicine (if applicable), but otherwise behave normally.
Nothing in particular: I behave the same way I do when I'm healthy. It's not going to kill me, so it's not worth my attention.
Do you suffer from any chronic diseases?
No, I'm as healthy as they get.
I don't think so... though I have this cold so often, it might be chronic.
Yes, but it's only a minor disease.
Yes, and it's a serious one, but it's not life-threatening or anything.
Yes, and it's so serious that it might have a fatal result.
Are you allergic to anything?
Not that I know.
Yes, but it's so rare that I never get in touch with it in my regular life anyway.
Yes, to only one substance. Or more, but the symptoms are barely inconvenient.
Yes, to two to four things. Or a different number, but with moderate symptoms.
Yes, to five or more substances. Or less, but it's a very strong and unpleasant allergy.
You are hungry and take something from the fridge to eat, only to notice that the "best before" date has expired some three weeks ago.
Yes, and? So what?
If it hasn't turned green or anything of the sort, I'll eat it.
I'll try a little bit, and eat it only if it the taste is normal.
I might eat it if there's nothing else in the house.
I'd rather not eat that. I'll go and buy something else instead.
I'll fling it to the garbage can without even thinking of eating it.
How often do you bathe?
Several times per day.
Every day.
Every two days.
Twice per week.
Once per week or less often.
When I start smelling too bad.
How often do you clean your room?
I keep it clean and tidy, doing a bit every day.
Every few days.
Once a week or so.
When it gets dirty/messy.
Once a month or less often.
Whenever it gets too dirty/messy to walk through.
Do you maintain your own little order in even seemingly unimportant things?
Ummm... no.
Order? What order? I'm chaotic.
Not in unimportant things.
Yes, and others find it cute.
Yes, although others don't really understand it.
Yes. And you really could have "justified" the lines in the quiz description, it looks rather messy like this.
Do you easily lose hope?
Hope? Now, that's something I haven't felt in quite a while.
Yes, it takes quite an effort to cheer me when I'm depressed. Which I am most of the time.
Yes, I just can't hold to it when some hardship hits me. But I regain it just as easily once the trouble's over.
No, it takes a serious hindrance to make me lose my spirit.
No, it only happens when it's a matter of life and death and there really appears to be no way out.
Never! Tomorrow's always another day, right?
You come to a friend's birthday party and intend to congratulate him with a friendly kiss on the cheek, but he stops you, telling that he's ill. How do you react?
I'll kiss him anyway, ignoring his words entirely.
I'll give him a little quick kiss - it's his birthday, otherwise I wouldn't do it.
I'll choose a handshake over a kiss, but behave normally otherwise.
I won't kiss him and I'll keep my distance from him during the party. You can't be too careful.
I'm not going to kiss him, and I'll think of an excuse to leave earlier.
How dares he throw a party while he's ill? Does he want all of his guests to fall ill as well? Outrageous! I'm leaving!
What do you think of pollution in the modern world?
It's horrible! I'm disgusted just by thinking of those black clouds contaminating our beautiful blue sky.
It's a big problem, but there's not much an individual can do about it.
It's bad, I guess. Not that it disturbs me in particular, but it's sort of bad in general.
It's an unavoidable side-effect of technical progress. I'd rather have pollution around that live in the Stone Age.
I don't really notice it much. Maybe I'm just used to it everywhere around me.
Actually, I sort of like looking at those dark clouds stretching across the sky...
At last, if Nurgle appeared to you in a dream and told you He makes you His Champion, what would be the first thing you'd do when you woke up?
Nothing special: it was just a dream.
Call my friends and tell them of my dream.
Wish I had any friends to call and tell about the dream.
Examine my body to check if I have the Mark of Nurgle.
Decide never to bathe again.
Decide to devote my life to spreading disease, corruption and decay.

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