Warhammer: which Chaos God do you worship?

The Four Great Gods of Chaos plot their schemes and wage their wars in the world of Warhammer. Khorne, the Blood God. Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways. Nurgle, Lord of Disease and Decay. Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of Pleasure. Perhaps you are their champion, spreading their corruption and obeying their will, or perhaps you lead the armies of light and order against their dark hosts. (Or perhaps you've never heard of them, which is entirely your problem.) But this test isn't really about that.

It's about the ordinary you, outside the gaming world. You don't really need to be a heavily armoured warrior to bow to Khorne, nor a mage of mystical powers to follow Tzeentch. Grandfather Nurgle cares for all of his children, and Slaanesh always has an open embrace for new lovers. Which of these four Powers do you let guide your everyday actions? Which of them whispers from the deepest recesses of your soul? Answer truly, by what you are rather then what you desire or pretend to be, for the gods will know any falsehood!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How much attention do you pay to your appearance? (clothes, make-up etc.)
None whatsoever.
Some, but not too much overall.
It depends on the occasion: plenty if there's a reason for it.
As much as possible: I must look perfect at all times.
What would you change about your physical appearance?
I don't know, a bit of everything. I keep changing my opinion about my looks constantly.
I'd make myself more handsome and attractive.
I'd make myself stronger and more muscular.
Nothing. What's the point? I'll grow old and ugly anyway. Not that I care.
Are you well-liked and popular amongst the people you know?
Yes, everyone loves me. I'm just that sort of person.
Generally, I know how to make people like me, but I don't always do that.
Not really, but I couldn't care less for their insignificant opinion.
They don't like me, stupid ignorant fools. But they'll regret it one day.
Do you go in for sport?
Yes, regularly. That's how I keep in shape.
No, my health doesn't allow me.
Not really, there are just so many wiser things to do.
Not too much, there are nicer things to do. On second thought, if you'd redefine "sport"...
What's your opinion on spending the whole day reading a book?
An absolute waste of time!
If it's an interesting book, it sounds like a pleasant way to spend the day.
Of course, reading is the best way to be educated and well-informed.
Yeah, nobody wants my company, so all I can do is stay at home. And read the stupid book.
You find out that your girl/boyfriend has been cheating on you with your friend! Your reaction is:
Well, if she/he did it while I wasn't available, I'll forgive some harmless fun. But if I was there... ohhh, I'll enjoy making them suffer.
I'll pretend I know nothing of it, but I'll ask them both "innocent" questions that will make them expose themselves.
I told you nobody really cares for me! I could have expected that.
Oh, that's it! I'm gonna kill those two treacherous pigs!
You fall ill, and the doctor tells you you must spend at least a week resting in bed. You say:
Great! The disease isn't that bad, and I get to miss work/school.
Well, I won't be working that week, but just resting in bed ain't much fun.
I' ll follow the advice in general, but I can notice myself if I'm getting better/worse and act accordingly.
Bah, what does he know! A petty illness can't stop one such as me.
Are you prone to outbursts of anger? Is it easy to provoke you into a conflict?
Yes, naturally! And if you persist with your stupid questions, there's no telling what I might do!
It feels good to give in to your violent emotions once in a while.
Not really, there's not much use to it. All things will reach the end one way or another.
I do my best to remain cool-headed at all times, lest I later regret a hasty decision.
If I offered you a vast sum of money if you move to another city, you'd probably say:
Why not? I'd enjoy the change anyway, and I'll get paid for it.
Well, I'm surely tempted... maybe you could say something more that'll convince me?
I don't care. That place is probably as bad as this, if not worse.
Offer something like that to me again, and I'll send you home in pieces.
Which of these things do you most often dream of? (dream while you sleep, NOT daydream/yearn for)
Attaining a long-searched-for goal, fulfilling my ambitions, becoming a person of import.
Women/men, delicious food & drink, bodily and/or mental relaxation... all the things that I like.
Conflict, battle, getting rid of my enemies.
Death, disease, misfortune.
Do you have a lot of secrets? Things about you people couldn't guess even if they tried?
No, I'm pretty open and straightforward.
Some and sometimes.
Hey, everyone has their little secrets. Life would be dull without them.
Oh, plenty. There's not a living man who knows everything about me.
What's your room like?
Well, pretty messy, actually. I don't clean it a lot, gets messed up again anyway.
Nothing fancy, but it serves its' purpose and my needs.
It's lovely and comfortable, decorated just the way I like it.
Oh, nice, though you should have seen it last month before I re-arranged the furniture. And I've been thinking of moving this picture over there...
Do you own and/or carry a weapon of any sort? (kitchen knives and weapon-like tools don't count)
No. Going around with one will just get you killed by someone who has it and knows how to use it.
Yes, but it's for fun rather then fighting.
Yes, and I know how to use it, at least to a point.
Hell yeah! There's nothing better!
What would your ideal romantic partner be like?
Beautiful and clever, adoring me in every possible way.
An intelligent person who respects my opinion. Though I don't get too attached.
I don't really care for such relationships.
I'd rather not have one. He/she would just break my heart eventually.
And finally, what do you think of this test?
Pretty stupid and useless.
Whatever, I didn't have anything else to do anyway.
It is quite interesting.
I enjoyed taking it.

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