What Divinity do you worship?

Personality Test (Big Five)

In the world of Concord, the world of the game BALANCE, Order and Chaos war for dominance. But on the planet they built for these contests, man has outlawed their mention. But a few believers exist in this dystopia, and they worship Divinities created to govern the Great War. If you were a believer, which would you follow?

Take this quiz and discover just what divine aspect you would give homage to. Now you can find out if you would worship Life or Death, Kindness or Cruelty, Knowledge or Inspiration--or if you would believe in those divinities seen less...

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Someone you do not know attacks you, what do you do?
Ask who they are.
Side step their attack and observe them.
Ask them to stop.
Let them hit you so you can get closer.
Hit them harder and faster.
Hit them so they cannot fight.
Someone wrongs you. What do you do?
Revenge is sweet, awesome, and creative.
People hurt people; it's what they do.
Try to understand why.
Return the favor, like for like.
Ignore it, it'll go away.
Accept it happened and learn to deal.
There is something that needs to be done, but no one here knows how to do it. What do you do?
Start working. It'll come to me.
Get out every resource and find the solution. It exists.
Talk about it. Someone will figure it out. Right?
If we think about it, we'll figure it out.
Observe the others, they'll get it. Or not.
Why should I be involved?
Someone of your group is dying, what do you do?
Care for them, ease their suffering.
I can't deal with this.
Find the accountable person.
Someone will suffer for this.
Find out what is wrong and determine how to help them.
This isn't my responsibility.
"It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."
So say the inexperienced.
True *sniffle*
I... Wouldn't know...
Oh. Um, sure.
If you say so.
But love is forever!
Someone is about to attack/is attacking you, what do you do?
I brace myself so that I may stand against the blow.
I cripple his ability to fight me.
I saw him shoot before he moved.
His intentions were clear, so I knew my actions.
I'll shield my friends from the onslaught.
I'll take the pain, and hurt him back.
Do you plan well or poorly?
I plan well, and for every detail I can think of.
I plan, but things never go the right way.
I... wait, what?
Planning is for sissies.
Plans slow you down, but they make for good retreats.
My Favorite Element is...
In the darkness I...
Cast a light.
Listen for sounds.
Wander until I find something.
Feel my sorroundings until I can see them in my mind.
Lead others.
Trip others.
At a funeral I...
Am nowhere to be found.
Am comforting the bereaved.
Hire the clown.
Speak about the deceased's life and accomplishments.
Tell stories of the days past.
Am helping others see how life goes on.
The car is broken.
I'll fix it.
I have it fixed.
I'll fix it and make it better.
Forget it, it's a lovely day for a walk.
I'll help pay for the repairs.
That's because I poured cement in the gas tank.
Angels and demons...
Existed, according to the legends.
Would be incredible test subjects.
Are mere myths.
Are all around us.
Eat Babies.
Protect us in the best way they can.

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