Create Your Own MySpace Quiz

At you can create a quiz for MySpace easily. Of course these quizzes are also great for blogs and forums, too. But since MySpace is is such a popular online destination, that's where most people are posting their self-made quizzes.

Tips For Making Your Quiz For MySpace

First find a make-your-own-quiz site. Nevermind, you've found the best quiz site on the net! Next, you have to think of a good topic. It can be intriguing (Are You Capable of Killing?) or something people can identify with (How Massachusetts Are You?). Trivia is always good (How Much Do You Know About Movies?) as long as you know a lot about a particular subject. And of course sometimes people just come up with really strange stuff (What Kind of Scrunchi Are You?).

Then again you can always make your quiz personal. Many people create a how-well-do-you-know-me quiz and post that to their MySpace profile. These are fun, although random strangers won't know what to make of them.

Choose Quiz Questions and Answers Carefully

Some people only put one right answer among the possible answers, and that's fine, but the GoToQuiz system lets you give partial credit on some answers. You can put a few answers in there that are half-right. Also, many people try to be witty and humorous with some of the answers, and that creates a more fun quiz. Those kinds of extra touches make a good quiz great.

By the way, watch your spelling! Quizzes free of errors have a wider appeal, but at a minimum the spelling has to actually be readable. ;)

When Finished, Post That Quiz to MySpace!

GoToQuiz will give you the code you need. Your MySpace friends will take your quiz and if they like it, they'll post their results. If you are a member of any forums, those are also a great place to post your quiz. The more attention your quiz gets, the more likely it will rank on our top 40 quizzes page. Popular quizzes will also make it to our front page!

Possibly the most exciting thing after creating a quiz is when people outside your circle of friends take an interest. Of course this only works for quizzes that appeal to random strangers. But how can you find out who else is taking it? Simply log into your quiz from the "Edit Existing Quiz" link and you can check your stats. Actually see who is taking your quiz and posting the results to their MySpace profile! No other quiz site offers that feature.

So Get Started on That Quiz

Create your quiz right now. Do your best! If you really don't know a topic, we're looking for more state quizzes. And if you need a warm-up first, try creating a poll for MySpace. Polls are a bit simpler than quizzes, afterall. Have fun!

Not Feeling Creative?

We have thousands of user-created quizzes as well as professional ones (like the political compass quiz) to inpsire you. Just browse through the site--you could spend hours here! We hope you find what you're looking for.

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