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How Massachusetts are you?

Okay, so you're driving down the Pike and coming towards Boston, and you're wondering which exit to take. Allston? Copley? Straight on to Logan and beyond? Dude, you're better off taking the T.

Ah, Massachusetts. A wonderful state where the capital itself seems to forget there's a western half of it. And the home of the Big Dig, or should I say the "it seemed like a good idea at the time" tunnel project. (NOTE: This is a work in progress--come back again and try my newer questions soon!)

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First things first: Do you find it annoying when people ask you where you're from, and when you tell them, their first response is "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd"?
Oh, HELL yeah.
I'm used to it.
Uh...what does that mean?
Town Names I: Billerica.
Do you know what a packie is?
A beater car
A young camper
The local liquor store
Sure, and I can tell you which ones sell nightcrawlers too!
Who is "Whitey" and why is he so famous?
A well-known Irish pub owner in Southie who has twelve kids
A well-known firefighter from Worcester that grew up with Denis Leary
Former Boston mafioso and on the FBI's 10-Most-Wanted since '95
Brother of former UMass President Billy Bulger
Town Names II: Swampscott, Petersham, Worcester, Ayer
/SWAMP-scott/, /PETER-sham/, /WAR-cess-ter/, /AIR/
/SWAMP-scut/, /PETER-sam/, /WISS-ter/, /AY-er/
The who with the what now?
Y'all have some weird town names...
What is the Quabbin?
A mythical animal found in the Berkshires
A great place to fish
A manmade reservoir in central MA and the source of Boston's drinking water
The highway heading up to Vermont
'Wicked pissa'. What does it mean?
Reeeeeeeally angry
Oh man, sucks to be you!
What a rude question!
What are jimmies? to put this...uh, 'party hats'?
chocolate sprinkles on ice cream
really thick milkshakes
a type of shoe
What is the difference between a milkshake and a frappe?
One you drink, the other you eat
One comes in a glass, the other in a carton
What the heck is a frappe??
One has ice cream, the other doesn't
Town Names III: Quincy

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