How much Massachusetts do You Really Know ?

I'm always amused by Internet quizzes, and a recent "How Massachusetts are You" quiz inspired me to take it one step further. I've created my own quiz with even more difficult questions for you to answer !

Are you a TRUE "Mass-Hole"? You might be from New England, but you might be completely unaware of everything around you too ! If you are truly from here, then you are somewhat arrogant about your own hometown knowledge. Prove it !

Created by: Scott Eck

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  1. Just WHAT is Hyannis, Masschusetts ?
  2. When Boston was expanding in the 1700's, Shawmut Island was filled-in with dirt to create the new downtown area. Where did all the dirt come from ?
  3. What is the proper pronounciation of the Massachusetts' town Tewksbury ?
  4. Where in Massachusetts, is the Purgatory Chasm ?
  5. How many bridges cross the Cape Cod Canal?
  6. Where have the New England Patriots NEVER played a football game ?
  7. Where does Interstate-90 BEGIN and END ?
  8. Which band is NOT from Boston ?
  9. How do you properly pronounce the name of the Massachusetts' town Salisbury ?
  10. Which ONE of these things is NOT like the others ?

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Quiz topic: How much Massachusetts do I Really Know ?