The REAL Massachusetts Driver's Test

This is the real Massachusetts Driver's Test. To be successful the test taker must be familiar with the accepted rules of the road in Massachusetts, not the statutory rules, nor the accepted rules in other states. This quiz is not designed to entertain, but is a realistic evaluation of your Massachusetts driving knowledge.

This test was created to make the test taker evaluate each and every answer completely before coming to a concrete resolution. This test will differentiate the wanna-be's with the best drivers in the Commonwealth. Take your time, these questions are designed to trick you.

Created by: Greg

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  1. When the traffic light turns Yellow:
  2. You are on a two way road, and you want to take a left. A vehicle on that road wants to enter your lane of traffic. You must:
  3. A blinker is:
  4. You are at a Red Light, there is no traffic whatsoever. You:
  5. When a female is driving, you:
  6. Proper procedure at a rotary is:
  7. The Yield sign:
  8. "128"
  9. The best way to get to Fenway is:
  10. The middle finger is:
  11. You are at the Celtics game, you get a booty call in Lynn. How long will it take you to get there?
  12. Racing on the highway is:
  13. A "buck" is
  14. When you see New York plates:

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