Massachusetts Trivia

In our 3rd grade class, we are learning about our great state of Massachusetts! I hope you enjoy this interactive quiz about famous people, places and things of our great state of Massachusetts!

Do you think you know everything about Massachusetts? Do you feel prepared to take this quiz? I hope you have fun learning about our great state! In just a few minutes you will find out just how good you are at Massachusetts Trivia!

Created by: Mr. B.
  1. What is our State Dog?
  2. What is our State Cat?
  3. What is our State Tree?
  4. What is our State Insect?
  5. What is our State Fish?
  6. What is our State Muffin?
  7. What is our State Beverage?
  8. What is our State Bird?
  9. What is our State Flower?
  10. Who was the English Explorer who named our state?
  11. What does the name Massachusett mean?
  12. What is the number one food crop in our state?
  13. What are the main minerals found in Massachusetts?
  14. What is the soil like in the eastern part of Massachusetts?
  15. What is the soil like as you head to the western part of Massachusetts? (The Pioneer Valley)
  16. Which state is not part of New England?
  17. What is the name of the mountain range located in Massachusetts?
  18. What is the most popular time to visit the Berkshires?
  19. What is the largest mountain in Massachusetts?
  20. What is the capital of Massachusetts?
  21. What is the second most populated city in Massachusetts?
  22. Name two islands off the coast of Massachusetts.
  23. Which is not a true statement about the Quabin Reservoir?
  24. What town is known for the world's greatest whaling ports?
  25. What town is known for celebrating the first Thanksgiving?
  26. What town is known for inventing the game of basketball?
  27. What town is known for having one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parades?
  28. What town is known for having one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parades?
  29. What is the name of Major League Baseball's oldest ballpark?
  30. What town is home to one of the largest Portuguese feasts in the world?
  31. Name the company in Massachusetts that is famous for making the Valentine Heart Candies sold all around America.
  32. He was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.
  33. A famous children's author and illustrator from Springfield, MA.
  34. America's second president.
  35. In the late 1700's many women in this town were accused of being witches.
  36. What are monadnocks?
  37. During the Revolutionary War, she dressed up as a soldier and fought against the British.

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