How Massachusetts Are You Really? made by a real massachusetts pe

Most of those quizzes out there are from people who have watched TV and think they know about us. No, we are not pilgrims, but we are the worst drivers!

These are some farely easy questions( infact wicked easy) for someone from here, but most other people will probably struggle with it. If you think we are "Bean Town" or "Taxachusetts", you will probably not do so great, this quiz will show you the light out of the stereotypes

Created by: Christopher

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  1. What is our Capital?
  2. What do people call the subway in boston?
  3. what is a bubbla?
  4. How would you say the following towns? Leominster, Falmouth, Worcester, Woburn
  5. what is southie
  6. who is the governor right now
  7. what is dorchester like
  8. definition of Plymouth Rock
  9. The largest race in this state
  10. what is the true term used for our state?

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Quiz topic: How Massachusetts am I Really? made by a real massachusetts pe